FWD Tire Temp

Hey Guys

So I am totally new to tuning in Forza so I am probably just overlooking something simple but I am having a real hard time tuning my Civic Type R. I have been trying to follow Big Worm’s Tuning Guide but for whatever reason I can’t seem to get any of the tires even close to 180 degrees. After warming up for 3 laps with all the settings default the front tires got to ~164 degrees. So just as a test I turned the tire pressure way down to like 20psi and maxed out the spring stiffness this got them to 171 degrees. The only time they get over 180 is if I jam on the brakes and come to a complete stop. Am I doing something wrong or is it just the car is too light or something?

Thanks for the help.

Personally, I don’t worry about the temps all that much. The ideal temps should be around 200, but I never get them even close myself. I go more by the pressure, looking for around 32 psi, and even temps across the tire.

Cool that was kind of what I tried to do. Thanks for the help.

take them up to 31 (or more) psi and see what happens.


they’ll get hotter.

…higher pressure, not lower.

watch the temps, more so than the psi for your target.

how many laps are you giving the tires to warm up?

Try 28.5 Front and / 31.0 Rear or even higher in the rear.
That’s what a lot of fast tunes have on them.

I have found that if you can’t pull temp than the car isn’t able to push hard enough to maximize grip you could try adding a bit of weight and add power but be careful as front drive typically will understeer unless careful diff tuning and dampers also make a huge difference leek is correct higher pressure will lead to higher temps hope these tips help and good luck
And the fun zone for tires is typically anywhere from 190 to about 215 and the closer to even the temps are the better the balance

I am having same issue with my Class A 07 civic type R. I cannot get the rear tires to heat up. after 5 laps Rear tires are still green/Blue. inside green outside blue.
i have the them at 29.5 psi rear and 29 front.
here is my car setup. I run 1:01 on Tsukuba full track on race tires and buddyclub light weight rims.
also I have 245/35/17 front and 245/35/18. car tends to turn in quicker w/ smaller diameter tires in front then the rear.
Tire Psi 29/29.5
camber -9/-9
toe .2/-.3
caster 5.7
ARB 15/16
Springs 505/510
Ride Height LOW
Rebound 5.5/5.5
Bump 4.4/4.4
Brake 45F 145 pressure
Aero 85/185
Diff 9%/18%

You may not get those tires up to temp at all as the only time there really used is under braking you could try a narrower rear tire also you can try going to a more rear based brake bias as fwd will stabilize the heavy rear bias those 2 things and a higher rear pressure will bring them up I took the tune you put here the only things I changed went to a narrower tire in rear upped pressure to 32psi and dropped front arb down to14 took bias to 39% front the lr was 180 across rt was 165 but that’s typical of Tsukuba as it is a dominant rt turn track but they did come up also matched that 1:01 time during my test

agree I am gong to run a skinnier front tire. Keichi Tsuchia runs 215/50/17 Front and 245/50/18 on rear.

You want the narrower tire on the rear even the Nissan gtr le mans cars that were fwd ran a 14 inch tier in front and 9 in the rear

im sorry i would have to disagree. I watch all the BMI video that he does, on all the new NSX-R they run 225/50/17 245/50/18
On the 06 civic Type R he runs 225/50/17 225/50/17

Well I can agree on the nix and the civic my only thought was to try and increase rear tire temp also I was referring to 1 specific race car you would be correct on both tire sizes of th 2 cars but running the same tire all around adds stability under braking and overall grip for some reason the physics engine of the game doesn’t take into consideration that front and rear grip are affected separately by tire sizes it sees grip as grip