Future DLC.s ? 🤔

Anyone have any idea when first DLC will arrive ? And maybe what would be ?

Btw …Ps.
PGG please don’t make any new achievements tied to Eliminator like in horizon 4.
I can speak in name of many achivo completionists…we beg you, leave eliminator out of achievements. Please :pray::pleading_face:

It was expected that the first DLC would arrive 77 days after early access, on January 21st, but that date has come and gone. They ignored all the questions about the DLC in the recent stream, so I think it’s still in the process of being made. We can probably expect it in March or April.

My personal opinion: We will get the expansion when player numbers and/or hours played have dropped below a certain figure that only PGG know about…once that happens, the first expansion will be hastily released. And we may get a week’s notice if we are lucky

I think at the moment they are more concentrated on fixing any ongoing issues people are having.