Full simulation damage in a public hopper?

Really, full simulation damage in a public hopper? This is probably one of the worst decisions you’ve made yet!

They’re cycling through all kinds of different divisions, concerning hoppers. If you don’t like simulation damage in public lobbies, wait two weeks and it will be gone. No one’s forcing you to race in a sim damage hopper.


I don’t do ghost lobbies… and the general playerbase is so bad that full sim only invites getting crippled at the start of a race.

Well it looks like its either that or racing in the full sim damage hoppers for the time being.

Are you joking? “I don’t do ghost lobbies.” Why not? You can race against people without fear of crashers/griefers but the only way to get damage is via collisions with track walls.

Ghost lobbies is not racing. It’s hot lapping. You don’t have to get on a different line than the car in front of you to make a pass for position, therefore it’s simply not racing.


Technically it’s a time trial but since you’re live against other people there’s stage fright factored in and you can use your ghost to impair the opponent’s visibility when necessary.

I’ve been waiting 6 months for the game to be on par with the features and stability of 6.

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Oh I don’t know… what about the BMW Isetta? The Snowman Driver Gear?

There are plenty of other hoppers for you to choose if you don’t like that one.

Well, that’s how racing works in real life. Although in real life, the crashers and griefers would have been banned from competition a LONG time ago.

If you don’t like it, don’t participate. Simple. I prefer sim damage in single player, but fuel/tires in MP because of the crashers.

Out of curiosity, which class is it?

Sim damage should only be in Forza GT endurance IMO.

Not really, the rammers will all take themselves out in the first turn, leaving the rest of us free to race.

I’m torn on the sim damage lobbies. On one hand your race can be over in turn 1. On the other, if you are towards the tail end of the pack, take it slow to turn one, let the chaos kick off, then steam through for a bunch of free places. You can gain tons of points towards your driver level progression this way. Had a couple 20 person lobbies where I started near the back and finished top 5 getting over 100points of progression each. A quick way to level up and get into a higher skill lobby with better drivers. And occasionally you get a lobby with some smart players that actully realize it’s sim damage and respect everyone’s lines. Those rare occasions are really fun.