Fujimi Kaido (Forza)

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Fujimi Kaido

Fujimi Kaido is a fictional paved road course set in the mountains of Japan near Mt. Fuji. This location was included in the first Forza Motorsport in 2005 and appeared in Forza Motorsport 3 and 4, with a 10 mile full circuit as well as point-to-point segments. The track has been popular among Forza players for drifting as well as hill climbing.

Fujimi Kaido was a LEGEND of drifting, touge, and point-to-point, head-to-head racing in Forza. It’s a shame that it disappeared in FM5, and I’d like to see the track come back soon.
To those who don’t know, as this is an antiquated track, this was a fictional mountain course that appeared in FM1, 3, and 4. It features winding turns, big terrain changes, and is one of the best places for drifting. From firsthand experience, this track can be difficult at times, but mastering it is satisfying.


We haven’t seen Fujimi Kaido since 360, it’d be amazing to see the Forza team remaster and improve on the old classic. The versatility and variety of having a 10mi track that’s very different depending on your direction, 4 sections, both forward and reverse, and uphill and downhills tracks for both halves meant there was so much choice in what you wanted to race and how you wanted to race it. Horizon has stepped into a road racing role in the Forza franchise, but Fujimi Kaido tight curves offers an experience second to none that deserves to make its return for a new generation of Forza fans to enjoy.


I return to play forza motorsport 4 all of the time till this day due to the cars and physics and MAINLY fujimi kaido. One track we’ve been waiting to return into forza for very long time, was very saddened after every release (5-7) that such a legendary and wanted track never returned. If they added fujimi or other touge mountain tracks to forza then it would be amazing and surely a huge success :slight_smile:


Ive been praying for Fujimi Kaido to make a return. I have been running it almost none stop for about 3 years now and have managed to build a small active community based around fujimi kaido on discord! ( Here is the link. Discord ) but yes I cannot express how amazing it would be to be able to see this track remastered or even redone.


This map is legendary to the forza community I didn’t get to experience it first hand since i was fairly young when it came out. My friends play a lot of fm4 on Fujimi, so I decided to download the map on Assetto Corsa since I’m a sim racer, and yes this map needs to come back this will really wake up the forza community and will excel far and bring back the art of touge.


I would like to see the FM1 point to point layout over FM4’s loop. But I always liked the different feel of the sections of FM1’s Fujimi Kaido.




Fujimi Kaido was my favorite course in FM4, probably my favorite in all racing games. Mainly, my best friend and I would tune our own r34 skylines, mine was yellow and his was black, and race each other on the hill climbs. Was and still is the most unique and raw racing experience in a game. I will undoubtedly be going for WR times on this track if it’s in the new FM game!


Oh man, I would LOVE to se Fujimi Kaido back. Such an iconic track. It’s a must. I’d take Fujimi Kaido over Maple valley any day. Togue and drifting would be a dream come true to see in this new iteration of forza !

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Oh yes, Fujimi Kaido FM1 slaps over FM4 version. I want that point to point track from FM1 back.


I regularly drive this track in it’s mod form in Assetto Corsa. Would be AMAZING to have an updated version in Forza Motorsport!

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Me personally, since Motorsport 4, I don’t see myself coming back without this track and Rally Di Positano. They were the only 2 tracks I regularly drove on.

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Well there is a possibility for it to be added in the new Motorsport, since it’s #2 in votes & they acknowledged it in the most recent forums community update, and tracks have the possibility of being added as post-launch content.


That track looks RUFF can’t wait hope it makes the cut.

Can’t wait hope it makes the cut,.,.,.,

If we can just consider how popular the road going up the volcano in Forza Horizon 5 is, there is no doubt that the return of Fujimi Kaido would be immensely popular with the community. Every now and then I boot up Forza Motorsport 4 and occasionally I’ll still find lobbies that are running Fujimi Kaido.

There is an entire community of people in FH5 where that one road is central to everything they do. Drifting, touge, time attack, you name it. There were entire communities in the 360 gen where Fujimi Kaido was the place. As for its addition to Forza Motorsport, I can only see it being one of the most popular tracks in the game, certainly the most popular fictional track.


Please add this track at launch in the new Motorsport game or possibly as post launch content! I along with tons of Forza players love this tracks because of its many different and challenging layouts, and the many different lightweight fun cars that you could drive fast on the track!

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Fujimi Kaido is only forward and backward, and not very suitable for Circuit Racing. But it could be updated like Maple Valley.
I would like to see it as a huge Drift DLC.

Also i hope for one or another Forza Track, but preferably post launch.

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please add fujimi kaido track to forza motorsport 8