Fuel Related Upgrades and MPG

Quick question,

Do fuel related upgrades like fuel mapping and injectors (might be more but I am not near my console) negatively affect MPG? In other words would it be better to run stock injectors and put your upgrades towards other engine upgrades? I like to do endurance races and would like to maximize MPG.

I could run an experiment but I will not have time to until this weekend.

When driving the Rebellion, I managed to JUST get 9 laps at Daytona. That was with a bit of downforce for a bit of acceleration and to take the faster corners tidier.

I took all the wing off, short shifted, ran a longer top gear, barely got any further.

A friend testing for a series got 10 laps when running a power restriction on the same car (going flat out) so that led us to believe that fuel consumption correlates with how much power you have. Although I haven’t tried building a lower class up to see how accurate that may be.

Thanks for the info Motorhead! Maybe it is not individual upgrades that effect MPG but more so total horsepower, rpm, and weight?

I’m sure you’re right, AnimalAnguish. I would be willing to bet that almost everything like throttle, displacement and (if applicable) boost pressure have major factors in the algorithms for Forza MPG. We can just quick search online for fuel capacity, if Forzavista unexpectedly hides it.

It would be amusing to find out how many laps a stock '86 Civic would go on Indianapolis, if driven at no more than 100kmh.

I would be anxious to see (or be a part of) an event/science project, like the single-tank-of-fuel distance challenge. One course, (preferably with day/night versions) and all manner of P.I. Encouraged to attend. I’ll have to make this a more complete post in a different forum, but data provided from contestants would make one large spreadsheet…

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That is a great idea! Please let me know if you organize this challenge. I think there is already a thread where people are gathering how many laps they have done on certain tracks with certain cars but they are all different PI’s and tracks. A more scientific experiment on one track only would be very cool.

I would also like to sign up for this. I’ll put a tank of gas through a couple cars over the next couple days. Let me know if we establish a control.

I would also like to contribute a little food for thought: racing consumes huge amounts of fuel. I run a '96 Miata in NASA PTE class. With stock internals, a home made cold air intake, not-quite-straight piped exhaust, and aluminum flywheel, I will generally only average around ten miles per gallon under green flag. Similarly, I’ve heard the Audi R18’s only average around 6.5 miles per gallon at Le Mans. So, fuel consumption may not be as inaccurate as we think.

Interesting real life insight OrdainedBasher!

I don’t think the consumption is inaccurate I am just wondering how accurate it really is, or rather what does it take into account. Basically, does the game care about individual upgrades (cams, fuel upgrades) or does it just take in to account hp, drag, throttle, etc, in a bigger picture?

Post here if anybody does any experiments!