Fuel range bug/glitch.

Just completed a 4 hour endurance race on Le Mans In a Jaguar E-type, competing in vintage sport coupe division, noticed something interesting. My E-type would manage 10 laps on a tank before I needed to pit, the rest of the AI field was similar, going up to 11 laps max between stops. That is with the exception of one AI in an Aston Martin DB4 GT that somehow was managing over 16 laps between stops. I understand that different driving styles among other factors could effect fuel range slightly but allowing a car to have 50% more range than the rest of the cars in its division strikes me as abit extreme.

Its also worth noting that the DB4 GT was noticeably faster than the rest of the field in a straight line, despite being the same PI and homologated as part of the same division. So either the homologation system is deeply flawed and does not give the balanced racing claimed at all… Or the DB4 GT is bugged…

Having done several endurance races in different divisions and not encountered a competitor with a bottomless fuel tank before would lead me to believe the latter is the case, but either way this is a game balance issue that needs resolving.