FTC v MS: ABK deal

All the acronyms :slight_smile:

Are folks following the going-ons?

The verge has a pretty good update thread.

Some interesting details have come out

Take the whole situation and acronyms, and it’s like someone has tipped a can of Alphabet Soup on the table, it’s a mess.

Honestly, they’re talking of Call of Duty. Microsoft would be insane to make that an “exclusive” because that is a serious chunk of the market, and people are not going to dump their platform and everything they have for just one game. That argument doesn’t hold up, as the core intent is to make money by any and all means available. I don’t think the argument over potentially getting the paws on the nitty gritty on the next gen PS holds up either since things bounce around all sorts of different studios and that means so do the details. NDAs may be in use, but there’s always going to be some crossover, same as Sony will have the details on the Series S and X that are allegedly “secret”. That’s business.

In other words, each side is as bad as the other and someone needs to take them into a side room and start bouncing heads together because all they are doing is making each other look like greedy fools.

Judge ruled in favour of MS! FTC arguments were weak sauce she pretty much said.

UK CMA to come back to the table and discuss options with MS as a result.

I care nothing for CoD nor mobile but diablo xyz on GP? Yes please

FTC appeal was denied.

ABK taken off stock market in advance of sale closing.

And today MS and Sony signed 10 year deal for CoD

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Makes you start to think “Who’s next”, because that’s made it open season for both MS and Sony, each could theoretically start making moves for other large “independent” studios now this precedent is set.

And if things do start going down that line, what could the implications for the gaming industry as a whole in the future be should the likes of EA, Ubisoft, et al, fall prey to mergers and takeovers?

We do indeed live in interesting times.

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