From the camera of Dicoluc

I have the game since Christmas day and I’m deeply in love with the Photo Mode in this game (actually I started taking photos in Forza 6 Apex as I’m a pc user) and literally every 5 minutes I use this feature, even during races.

As of now I have roughly 90 images in my folder and now I’m going to show you some of the best photos I took:

This is a gallery on imgur with all the pictures in my folder, if you want to take a look:

I know that I’m a bit “mono-car” in my pictures but I really like to take a shoot every time I have an opportunity so, since I’m new to the game and I have to explore the whole map, it’s a +1 in my folder everytime I feel inspired during the action.

Another thing: It would be nice to have a reticle (ON/OFF) in order to better compose the image with the rule of thirds, so maybe in the next patches… :smiley: