Frequent disconnections

“You have been disconnected” every few minutes since the last week - and I can’t complete anything that requires me to be online, like Forzathon.

I am in North America. Is this a region issue? Can I change any network setting somewhere to get it running?

Ditto here, 2nd day now and can’t complete forzathon events, or play live at all. This is the only game I am having an issue with ? “no compatible multiplayer servers found”

ok figured out my issue
When I installed Windows 10 I turned off a lot of MS settings and features
One of the settings was the Microsoft Store setting ‘auto update’
Better keep that on from now on :slight_smile:

That doesn’t work for me, because it’s already on. Couldn’t complete a single Forzathon the last two seasons. And it’s not because of lack of trying.

Same issue here, I already have auto-update on. However I’ve only had this issue for a day, can’t go more than 2 minutes without seeing the You have been disconnected.