Freezing in Multiplayer Races when Microphones are Used

Whenever I’m in a multiplayer race and somebody else uses their microphone the game has massive frame drops/freezing for the length that the microphone is activated, making multiplayer races unplayable unless either nobody uses their microphone or I mute anyone that does. I was able to do many multiplayer races without issue until a couple of days ago.

Any proper solutions for this? My attempts at googling the problem provided no results with the same issue…

I’ve also had the game crash entirely a couple of time but have no idea if it’s related.

Console was bought post release of Forza 6. Could it possibly be a console defect rather than the game itself?

Solved the problem with a factory reset of the Xbox.

Whilst a factory reset is probably not the direct solution, everything else I had tried had failed. Including reinstalling the game, messing around with audio settings, and uninstalling other games and apps. The one thing I did not uninstall prior to reset was Horizon 2 F&F DLC, so I may look into that further.

Me and my buddies have just been using party chat for private lobbies. Public not too sure