Freeplayer Mode Forza Motorsport 6

I had written the text did not like the operators of this site. I write the text now and again use the word insufferable or unlikely. I hope it will not be deleted

At E3 Turn 10 has claimed it will be possible with 23 Drivatare to go online. There was no mention of it, the one to further needs players. I have a dialogue begun with people of the press in Germany on the preliminary reports on which continue to participate people from my community. You all are invited to participate in this dialogue. Basically, nobody wants to be misled by false or misleading reports to spend money for something that does not keep its promises. I have already understood that it is not easy to have 23 Drivatare online per player but why then is exactly this announced ? Why you can set many options in multiplayer and so few in Free Player Mode (German: free play)? My anger would not be so great if I had not bought me specially in July for Forza Motorsport 6 an XBox One plus Forza Motorsport 5. In Forza Motorsport 5 could go racing with 15 Drivatars why now only 5? So you can not expect that a game backwards developed as a customer. 15 Drivatars to 5 Drivatars is a regression. If Turn 10 would say ok we change the FreePlayer mode as far as you can, as in the multiplayer set the same options then would also my anger subsided. I I’m just very angry. 569.- Euro me (bought XBox One, Forza 5 + VIP and Forza 6 Deluxe) the cost. For what ? I can play the storyline and can only there to take similar cars against each other? In FreePlayer Ford Raptor drive against Lotus Elan why not Tank against bicycles ?

A friend of mine is a lawyer. I asked him to consider whether I can give the game back. Once I have the answer, I’ll publish it (definitely possibly via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and maybe here in this Community ). With people of the German press as computer screen, I am just talking about E3 and the preliminary reports because it is not in their interests false reports or things that are not as they were communicated to spread. If you wish to participate in this dialogue, let me please know that but please note here the rules of this community. I have made videos of these problems via upload to show what is the problem here , would want to can see this on Youtube. American`s can make a real good Game like Forza Motorsport 6 with Nightraces and Wet Races but they can not make the same Optionmenü for Free ( Single ) Player Modus and Multiplayer Modus ? I can not believe it

King regards , Michael from DBS Germany

You have already stated what you want here.

If you have concerns, you can contact the developers by email at That is also the address where you can send all legal correspondence.

Have a nice day.