Free Play - wipers don't work (1557062)

Wipers don’t function during races in rain in Free Play mode.

I’ve experienced it several times, after launching event in rain from main menu, as well as after switching weather on track.

Platform: PC/Steam.

I am playing Forza Motorsport on PC via gamepass. I am doing Test Drive mode setting the weather to rainstorm, thunderstorm, or heavy rain. I have tried several cars, tracks and time of day. In all cases, the windshield wipers do not activate at all.

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Not working on XSX also……

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Also. Noticed that my brakes keep locking up the wheel on the replays but im using ABS

Did a free play wet race at Watkins Glen.

The replay doesn’t show my wipers working.

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When using driver view, wipers are invisible, but you can still see the water being wiped away, which is very weird.


Here’s a new one. In wet races there are no wipers in the cockpit drivers view

In the standard cockpit view there is a most distracting artifacting of reflections on the road when the wipers pass


The windshield wiper has no function in the rain and is in the starting position!

Found at:

1989 Mercedes-Benz #63 Sauber-Mercedes C9

test drive

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Playing on Xbox Series S, Visual mode. In rain where the wipers are working during driving, while viewing the replay the wipers are not moving.


I have no wipers only on Free Play - Test Drive mode. It is really hard to play on cockpit view because the windshield is wet (obviously). Xbox Series X.


雨天重播 主要觀看車輛 雨刷不會動

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Rainy days Replay Main viewing vehicle The wipers do not move

windscreen vipers doesn’t work in rain conditions
I tried several cars at LeMans in rain… its impossible to play in cockpit view

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Rainy day Redial The wipers of the vehicle will not move

Same here, I was doing my test drive at the Nordsliefe with update 5, but in free practice they didn’t work. Tried several cars but no changes, even changed tracks but still the same. When I changed to a circuit race in free play the wipers worked, switching back to free practice, didn’t work again.

Ik think i’m going to send a ticket.


I also had the same problem. The bug has been happening since October and so far nothing has been fixed.

Please look athe first video - you can clearly see that the raindrops are just randomly popping up and getting wiped off and the wipers are not actually doing the wiping.

Vid 1: Få vist optagelse |  Xbox

In the second video, the sound of the raindrops cuts in and out every few seconds in replays.

Vid 2: View Capture |  Xbox

In your first video you can see that the wiper is positioned incorrectly or at least the edges of the water on the windshield do not fit together and that the drops act in the opposite direction of the wiper
Same thing at the Chevrolet C8 FE 2020

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Yep. Good eye there!

I just never felt from day one that the wipers wiped away the drops convincingly. It looks really disconnected.