Free play track issue

Hey forza forums, tonight I did a little research and wish to hear everyone’s opinion and see if we can resolve my little problem. Every once in a while I’ll have a couple of my friends over, we’ll choose a car class, open a case of beer, and take turns racing in free play. I set the playlist option to “any” in the hopes that a random track will be selected and whoever is up next will race it. Long story short, we noticed that we were getting the same tracks over and over. Tonight I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down my results. Again the playlist is set to ANY and the car division is not set. These were my results…

Out of 100 skips of the track using the X button in free play, the game chose these tracks.

Sonoma raceway - 20

Circuit of the America’s - 11

Yas Marina - 7

Top gear - 19

Watkins Glenn - 12

Laguna seca - 4

Lime rock - 11

Indianapolis - 12

Test track - 3

The game was giving me different variations of the tracks shown above but I didn’t specifically list that cause the list would’ve taken a bit longer to make but I think I made my point. Out of 27 different track locations, only 9 were chosen at random in free play. Once again the TRACK PLAYLIST was set to ANY. I am only asking one thing of the devs at turn ten and that is to fix this slight issue. Allow the game to choose all 27 track locations when the playlist is set to “ANY”. I know this issue may not seem like a big deal to very many people but I feel like the fix would not take long to address and is probably a very simple thing.

Thank you for your time.

Maybe it’s the beer?


Haha side note: no alcohol was consumed during the making of the list provided above.