Free Play Problem

I love to play Free Play doing a custom points series in which I pick each track to race on. The problem is that in some race divisions, i.e., Indycar the starting grid (I use 11 opponents) has duplicate drivatar/car number/car model combinations. This makes scoring almost impossible. Surely it would not be very difficult to solve my problem. Please Help.

If you change the number of drivatars for a race too much it will load duplicate drivatars (with the same cars) if you increase the number again. You can always use the reset button in the pre race menu if it is bugged (and reload the track with the correct number of drivatars).

There are only 6 indycars in FM7. 3 Hondas and 3 Chevys. The only way to solve it would be for T10 to add more. Or better yet, allow us to create custom Championship series in freeplay.

Type of car should not be a problem I have run some cup races in freeplay just using 1 car model like the Ford Escort or just The JC Mini 2012 model and have used from 12 to 23 Drivtars looks good on the grid when you have 24 Identical Minis ready to start racing and have not had a isseu with identical Drivtars yet. This problem was also present in Forza Horizon 3 and was due to chengeing the Diffcuilty level of the Drivtars after the field has loaded. Could be a similar problem.

Did you even read the original post by SwathingColt248? His issue is that there are duplicate cars. and this makes tracking the points between each races more difficult because there are drivatars in the same car.

However, SwathingColt248, I would recommend keeping track of the drivatar’s name for scoring rather then the car itself.

Well yes I did and some what better than you did, and then you come in here all jumped up and crabby for no good reason read his post again and I highlited the bit you did not read but I did, you will see I only addressed the one problem that could be adressed, it is not like you can add cars that dont exsist doing so would blow the game out to 1,000s of cars like 24 of ever car with a slightly different name Like Mini JC 01, Mini JC 02 ect to you hit 24 not going to happen but the Drivtar isseu has bee reported before and has been linked to changing the Diffcuilty of the Drivtars or the number of Drivtars.