Free Infiniti Car Pack in August?

They look pretty awesome I it’s also awesome to receive free DLC

seriously? No one see, what I can?

The whole thing is photoshop, and not even a good one.
decent at most that’s why he used “phone” bad quality so you hungry maniacs (no dis I’am one too that’s why I write here) do not see different saturation, contrast, brightness and pretty much anything.

btw Nights Viper/Legomaster909 credits for your gallery simply stunning photos and not one but most off them keep up the good work!

You sir are an idiot. Its on the freaking dashboard for christ sake.


I’ve always been polite on this forum and I’ve never had a reason to post anything fake. My Mom took my new Nikon D3100 ( Heres the proof for you -

to the beach to take photos so i was left with my phone.

so that explain why it has been done in 20min by 3rd grade graphic designer. OK

A wise man said “it is real coz it’s on freaking dashboard”

(btw I am a Graphic Designer professionally working and I do not buy cheap fakes - Idiot, I bet you sold your 360, if not turn it on and wait there to see that app)

You must not be a very good designer if you cant tell that its real, i saw it yesterday i just didn’t feel the need to make a thread.

Go download the q50 eau rouge theme and also don’t forget to download the gamer pic.

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What on that pic is reall? left and right car has been added from photos of the web not rendered that is all I argue

2015-Infiniti-Q50-Picture orig
and mirrored if u look closer car on Vipers photo is right hand drive and still got “smoke behind windows”

If the dlc will come out in August good for us. all I say it is bad photoshop work. And you have no idea about graphics and consequently getting very personal so I will be the smarter one and finish that stupid conversation.

Sorry Viper that I have blamed You for that bad photoshop, but it still is bad photoshop, like I said good if we get the cars just got the impression that it may be fake because of them cars being pasted from web photos into that theme. My bad for that. Hope we will get the cars

Its completely legit downloaded the theme and watched a video to get a change to win a X1 and a copy of Forza 5 today on my 360. Also should get a email when the pack comes out.

…I’m not even sure where to begin… So I wont.

The image on the Dashboard is definitely shopped, because you can’t have two cars in the “garage screen” at once, but I was sure it was legit the moment I saw it. I’m looking forward to these.

We can’t; but, I bet Turn 10 can. “Shopped” or not … the ad is real.

No hard feelings :slight_smile: Just wanted to clear things up. Im looking forward to this pack, especially the Q50 Eau Rouge. That car looks awesome.

I do look forward for q50 too, I had a chance to drive q50 from 2012 in real life with that sweet 3,7 V6 on my friends wedding, sweet ride felt in love here is the pic:


Yeah, there is a whole trailer that you watch to win an Xbox One and Forza Motosport 5. There are a few different trailers as well. The one to win the Xbox/Game is Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge, then there are 2 other trailers. One is just Infiniti Q50 and the other is Infiniti Q50 Voices. It’s all in the advertisement section on the 360 Dashboard. The reason they are pictures of real cars are because you can do a 360 view of them.

Back to the cars, the Infiniti Eau Rouge will be so much fun! Gonna have to see how it handles Spa’s Eau Rouge corner. Haha. I looked through the Gallary they have for it and it has massive exhaust pipes and a gorgeous interior. Can not wait to get my hands on it!

Oh it definitely real I downloaded the theme right away. Hey nothing is wrong with a free car :slight_smile:

Is this ad only on the dash in the US?

I don’t see it here in Sweden. But I did a search for ‘infiniti theme’, and at least I could download that. So something’s going on.

Thanks for the hint. Found the theme in the german marketplace (but not the ad).

I can’t find it in the german marketplace :frowning: