(FRD) Forza Racing Division

Welcome to Forza Racing Division, a UK based Forza 7 community.

As a group of Forza enthusiasts, the team at Forza Racing Division are dedicated to celebrating the gaming community. Our expansive content including current news, realistic race events and helpful guides to support all fellow gamers, regardless of skill level. We’re committed to enhancing the online driving experience and helping you reach the highest level of fun.

We host clean, friendly racing lobbies and specialise in Competitive ‘Realistic’ race series every Sunday, Wednesday & Friday.

All our Race Series are based on Real Life realistic events,

SIM Damage is ALWAYS on.

All events are in UK TimeZone

Signs ups are currently open for the Civic Cup, BTCC & British GT Championships

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Get signup guys, we are running 3 race series a week and also a Time Attack for drivers that cannot commit to race series