Frame Rate Issues

When driving at various tracks i encountered some frame rate issues.
As an example: when I drive a LMP1 on LeMans i get seriuos lags at some points. Are you guys having the same problems?
Is it my TV (Philips 47" LED)? But I can´t remember having that problems in Forza 5.

Not a single hitch.

Been playing this for days solid and I haven’t noticed any hitches.


are you playing online? could be your ISP lag.

I see frame rate glitches, but only in the starting screen after you’ve clicked race when the camera pans around. Other users have reported the same issue. It’s interesting to note that I read someone mentioning that this only happens if you have kinect connected and I can confirm the same thing. I have one xbox with kinect and another without and I haven’t seen any issues on the one without.

I haven’t seen any frame rate issues at all during actual racing though.

Edit: I have to update this: I just saw a frame rate glitch during the pre-race even without the kinect plugged in.

I also noticed the frame rate hiccup but only before the start of the race when your car is rolling towards the starting grid position.

In 100+ races, I might have noticed a micro-stutter just once on Long Beach and one other track, maybe Indianapolis. But that’s it. I must have spent close to 20 hours in the demo and well over 100 in the full game.

It doesn’t have those annoying frame rate hiccups from FM5 (remember the Lemans hiccups anyone?), those are gone. It looks like T10 took special care to make sure they don’t make a come back!

Mate, are there any enhancements or frame rate interpolation activated on your TV. Go into Game Mode if possible.

Also, you want to clear your Alternate MAC Address from time to time, as well as Persistent Storage. To make sure your console fully shuts down and boots fresh for every gaming session:

  • Keep Energy Saving on
  • Turn off console not by holding down the power button (that’s unnecessary as a force shutdown is only needed when things freeze up), but simply by touching the power button on turning off from the controller
  • Wait for the brick to go to amber
  • Disconnect or cut off power so that the brick goes from amber to OFF
  • Wait a few minutes or the next time to turn on your console, wait for the brick to go from white to amber
  • Now power up console and go into your gaming session first thing

That’s it. Let us know how things work out. How much space do you have left on your HDD? I’m not sure if that’s relevant but could be, hard to say. Do you have a lot of apps running in the background? Too many Snaps or Pins?

I have also noticed frame rate issues during racing, like in every race i notice very minor frame rate drops but its very minor, but still it happens in every race i dont know why :frowning: if its a bug i hope they fix it soon

Thank you all for your information. I really appreciate it!
Speed Demon was right, my TV wasn’t in game mode. Silly me…
Now everything is smooth, thanks again!

Sweet! Good to know all is well.

Very occasionally, the game will exhibit a stutter or two after the race starts, but it’s only at the beginning of the race. Out of a hundred races or more, I must have experienced a micro-stutter or two maybe 4 times on 4 different tracks, that’s is.

It is definitely not an issue like it was in FM5. For the most part, it’s smooth, seamless racing no matter what racing conditions or number of cars you have on track.

Hmm… no, that shouldn’t be happening. I notice these things right away; they are certainly not an occurrence in FM6 like they were in F5.

For the record:

  • The demo had no stutters at all
  • The full game sometimes micro-stutters at the start of a race as your car is rolling towards the starting grid
  • On rare occasions, you might notice a stutter or two at the start of a race on some tracks (maybe depends on grid position), but it is rare - out of say, a 100 races, it might happen to you 3-5 times.

But on every race, it is unusual. Have you tried online and offline to check if it makes a difference? What about a full race vs hotlapping? Happens more on certain tracks or all tracks?

Contact a mod to request assistance or try some of the steps I outlined in this thread.

Keep us posted. We’re here to help. :slight_smile:

Yes your right during the race it happens only once or maybe two times and sometimes everthing is perfect during the racing like for example if i have played 10 races, from 10 races I noticed frame drop in 8 races and the other two are fine…but it’s not stutter problem because stutter is like the game freezes for 2 or 3 seconds which happens on my metal gear solid 5 but thats the problem in the game as other xbox gamers are facing the problem but in forza 6 its a drop of a frame rate like if you really really focus then you feel a frame rate drop which happens only once or two not more then that…i have also turned my tv settings on game mode but still this thing happens i don’t know why??? The frame rate drop is rarely noticeable like 0.02 % i have also tried halo that whether this type of problem occurs or not but no my halo runs smooth…even my FM6 also runs smooth but sometimes a drop of frame rate occurs but if your playing normally and casually you wont see any frame rate drop but when you focus very much you see a frame rate or maybe a lag during the race…i have tried everything like hard reset and stuff like that but I still face a very very minor frame rate drop

I have the same priblem where the game lags then speeds up to catch up again but i dont know if its due to internet or the game its self

Well, unfortunately… it’s confirmed then: the stutter has carried over from FM5, though to a lesser degree. And you are absolutely right; unless you really notice, you might not see it and let it slide.

It’s not a console thing mate… ALL my X1 games run 100% smoothly. The 3 Forzas are the only games where I have noticed this intermittent micro-freeze. I believe it’s just how the game is, how the texture compression or loading/offloading works, probably.

Some people say they do not notice it at all - they might have frame interpolation turned on which as you know, inserts extra frames to make a game look even smoother.

There were actually multiple threads about stuttering in the Horizon 2 and FM5 forums, though I do not think it’s going to be as bothersome in FM6. It doesn’t happen that frequently. For the most part, the game is smooth. Actually this one time, I was taking the second right hander on Brandshatch, and I thought it was the game slowing down or micro-freezing… not sure, but it did happen as I was going over the curbs.

Anyhow, the whole stutter thing is certainly not noticeable at the same level as it was in FM5. Interestingly, the demo exhibited zero stutters - not even when the car’s pitting in before the race, because that’s where the full game mostly does micro-stutter.

Anyone else notice how the AI cars never kick up smoke at the start of the race? Do they all have TC enabled by default or something? I could swear the demo had all AI cars kicking up smoke at the start of a race.

There is lag when I spectate a race. During one race, all the cars were stuttering and were driving in the right direction but their cars were facing the wrong way so it looked like they were driving backwards lol. I don’t have this problem when I am racing online, although the words ‘Weak Network Connection’ never seem to go away!

So I guess it is confirmed that its a forza 6 problem as other Xbox gamers are also having this kind of problem and it means that its not happening to me only in the single player experience it is also happening to others too of this frame rate problem, well i don’t know about stutter because stutter is something which freezes for 2-3 seconds and that doesn’t happens to me…I notice a very minor frame rate drop or you can say a very very minor lag during the race and it happens one or two times during a race but as i said before that if you are playing casually you wont experience this kind of stuffs, as this alone happens when you notice or focus very much during gameplay…well i hope that turn10 fix this bug or issue as soon as possible…

I can only confirm, that if it’s a bug, it hasn’t shown up on my system at all. Online or career races, assuming I can get into an online hopper, are flawless with no stuttering at all and this is something I’m sensitive to. I used to spot it in forza 5, particularly on the long straight at Le Mans. Fm6 is installed on the same Xbox and the fps is rock solid.

I sometimes experience the micro-stutter just like in FM5. But here in FM6, it’s not as prevalent. It’s minimal. But I had a race when I experience around four microstutters and one of them very noticeable on a straight at Long Beach. Then when I headed to the next race, I hit quit then the game froze. I restarted and did the same thing again to test if the game will freeze (click next race then quit) and it froze again. I disconnected internet connection and did it again to really test if it’s a game problem, internet, or whatsoever. It didn’t freeze. So it’s highly possible that the internet connection causes the micro-stutters and freezing. But still, I have to observe stuttering more on offline mode and then i’ll give an update here.

Almost ended up giving you a full-fledged response, until I realized it’s the same reply from the “Game stutters and pauses…” thread.

Anyway, do you do a full shutdown/fresh boot after each session? It may cut down the stutter frequency somewhat, but they’re not going to go away completely, as it’s how the game loads data/streams textures. I wish the pop ups were less noticeable or preferably non-existent.

I just made sure my point will be read. That’s why I sent it in two threads. Anyways, yes my xbox one is in power saving mode so it does full shutdown. I only play two games on xb1, forza and nba 2k16 which also stutters. Is stuttering really normal on xbox one? I didn’t have this problem on ps3.

I just got the stutter in two races in a row this evening, while hotlapping - Top Gear full and Prague full. Happened once though.

There have been reports of a few games actually, stuttering on the X1… the PS4, I’m not sure. Rise Son of Rome and MGS are two examples. I’ve also heard of FC4 stuttering. But those are frame rate drops rather than screen hiccups and micro lags, which is what we experience in FM and Horizon on the X1.

Stuttering is normal in the sense, that the games may be exceeding the amount of resources the console can dish out at any given time. Either that, or the HDD cannot load data fast enough. Currently, I have in my collection both Motorsport games, Horizon 2, COD, Warframe, PCARS and BF Hardline. None of those games stutter except for the Forza games. PCARS stutters, but that isn’t a lag, but a performance slowdown.

There is nothing wrong with our consoles - it’s just one of those things that have yet to be ironed out. People have been talking about it at length since the release of FM5 and Hor2.

DX12 and future refinements (such as utilizing ESRAM) should get rid of these minor nuisances for good.