I wonder what they mean by “unlock”, as in, we’ll unlock the car to buy as many times we want? If so that isn’t too bad as opposed of the conventional one-off unicorns.
Still pretty meh, I wish unicorns would be gone all along.


Exactly what I thought when I read it, hopefully it’s not badly worded and that’s true.

My guess would be the same as unicorns. That’s how they’ve done it since day dot :slight_smile:

You already know that this S14 will have the rocket bunny kit.

[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

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Silvia S14 looks like an amazing car, and I could always use more horns. :joy:

I’m super happy they are bringing exclusive cars and rewards back! Keep it up T10, can’t wait to have my hand at unlocking these.

I’m hoping they will have a jzx or Cressida as future prizes

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I’m sorry for using not permitted words, but this makes me really sad.
i know today, i can’t take part on most of the challenges because of work and family.
horizon 2 went really well without unicorns btw.


The cool thing about unicorns is when people ask you “where did you get it??”…so good .
Joke aside , they are not difficult to get (the Jaguar in FM6 is the only exception) .

Some of you guys should be totally ashamed of yourselves. They do something to give players MORE fun, and those who say you’ll miss out are so selfish you feel NOBODY should have it. You really are the pits, and not the good kind where you refuel.
I don’t do drifting much and I hate Yas Marina as a course, but i don’t go around saying they should be removed cos I don’t want them.

Playground are adding value to the game and hopefully pulling in more fans, those are good things. If you really are intent on being offended spend a few hours reading radical feminist tweets on twitter, you’ll be in your element.

In the meantime try accepting that Playground don’t have to do this, but have CHOSEN to for the players. To thank them for being members of the Forza faithful and to generate goodwill, which is always a good thing.


God, this is probably the most fanboying post I’ve ever read. GG.

But alright, I’ll give it to you and say that the events are a good thing, it brings the community together and makes people want to play the game to get the cars. All cool 'til there.

However, what is the problem in after the game’s lifespan releasing the unicorn cars for everyone, even if as a paid DLC? It’s really a win-win situation for everyone, people had fun in the events, the winners got DLC cars for free and several months early than everyone else who buys the pack, people who missed the event won’t be locked out of content if they don’t want to, and playground will make a few more bucks.
The only people who will be upset are the special snowflakes that can’t deal with the fact that their bunch of pixels isn’t rare and ““exclusive”” anymore, pretty much the same stereotype you mentioned in the second paragraph.

Maybe I’m being too harsh with my post, but you don’t seem to understand why people don’t like unicorns. It’s because is really a poorly implemented concept, that in the long term only becomes a handicap to the game, no one is against community challenges and things that brings the community together like you may think.


Fanboying? Oh my word? I’ll assume you’ve not read any of my previous posts? The ones where i’m extremely critical of Turn 10? How about understanding the post you quoted? I was not supporting Turn 10 or Playground. I was saying people should be ashamed of wanting to deprive other players. Normal people like THEM. I’m all for defending players and their right to as much enjoyment as they can for their money. That’s pretty much it. But I will defend a developer on occasion if i feel they need. However as i said that post was about defending pleyrs rights to enjoy thew game.

Oh and thanks, i’ve never had the Most fanboy ever accusation. I’ll add it to my “internet insults bingo” list! :slight_smile:

Well, I’d say that those who demand unicorns be completely exclusive are depriving others of content more than the other side are.

They’ve already said that there will be numerous opportunites to win various cars, so if you miss out first time, there’ll be other chances. Since my injuries my gaming ability is drastically reduced so i have no chance of getting unicorns most of the time. But i don’t begrudge others from having them and a sense of pride they get from their achievements and skill. :slight_smile:

u really don’t need to be such offensive.

i know a lot of people who will avoid this game because of this, i won’t! why not putting all unicorns as free cars in the game like monthly. but this has nothing to do with goodwill, it is a method to keep players playing the game. and i’m not offending you. also the yas marina circuit isn’t a unicorn track, so this makes no sense in relation to unicorn stuff.

i am going to try to earn as much of the unicorns as possible, because i love forza and cars, but i’m still not a fan of it.

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Is there actually anything wrong with them trying to keep players playing? Honestly I’m happy they’re trying and either way, would you rather a game that doesn’t do anything to keep you playing or a game that tries to keep you happy and entertained.

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I laughed more than I should have at that part. Totally agree with this post though, and it’s not like T10/PG are the first companies to ever give out limited time content in games, it’s a fairly common occurrence.


Terrific, competitions where you can race for cars among other things but I have to ask is the amounts of cars you get in your garage to start off with plus DLC, plus VIP awards plus anything else that the game is handing out mean that your garage limit will be exceeded much the same as in Forza 6. Or will we once again be forced to remove cars we paid for in cash and or time in competition from our garages just to see the latest additions added to our already overcrowded garages just curious.

PS Anybody know if will we be allowed to import our tunes, vinyl’s and paints from previous Forza titles like we could in Forza 6.

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I was just wondering about the forzathon challenges. Will your success depend on your performance against other player, or will you have to just complete a given objective? For example will you have to earn the most xp out of other players to get the reward or will you have to just earn a certain amount of xp and you get the reward? If there is already a thread for this someone please tell me. All responses are appreciated!