Reminder tips to ensure Achievements and gifts are unlocked:

  1. Go to your Settings menu for HUD and make sure Notifications are turned On.
  2. If you are playing on PC, make sure you have not disabled Connected User Experiences and Telemetry setting.
  3. Reboot now - hold the power button on your console until it shuts off. Also reboot any Win10 computers connected to the same router.
  4. Use the dashboard Achievement tracker to see if you are progressing through # requirements, or use a Bucket List with skills requirement.
  5. Reboot again if you see an Achievement but no gift.
  6. Make sure you are reading the requirements correctly, and ask the community for tips on proper execution:

Need to highlight these
Wish people would read here first too before complaining

  1. Make sure you are reading the requirements correctly, and ask the community for tips on proper execution:
    #Forzathon Sushi Roll
    Perform 15 Barrel Roll Skills in a Nissan to win the Nissan Silvia HE

It should read perform 15 barrel roll skills in an unknown nissan (you work it out by trial and error). then point 6 would be relevant.
That would be the major complaint this time round - again they did not test it properly and left us to pick up the pieces.

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Thanks for the tips Max. What if the achievement progress shows 100% but is still locked. The cherry blossom achievement is like that for me. I have tried a few cars, the steps above and it wont unlock. I am wondering if its because I completed it in the Nismo while trying for the barrel rolls. That car didn’t show any progress towards the barrel rolls but, I went from 0 to 100% for cherry blossom.

Any other suggestions?

When Challenges show ‘Complete’ but no reward you can try (in order of least impact to most):

  1. Waiting… it may be a service delay
  2. Try completing another event to trigger the event send/receipt
  3. Terminate and Restart the game
  4. Restart the Console

Thx. I did 3 and 4 previously. Ill shut it down and check tomorrow.

Did the Sushirolls in a 73’ Skyline H/T but nothing
Jumped into the Silvia Spec R and did another 15 rolls. Notification popped immediately. Maybe it was a delay or the H/T doesn’t work.

Did you check your achievement progress in the achievement app after doing about 5 or 6

I checked after the rolls in the H/T and it was at 100%. Waited a few minutes, entered and left a festival, still no popup. Decided to do it in the Spec R again, because it’s fun and takes only a few minutes to do at the airport. Right after the last roll the achievement popped and I got that dang HE. Maybe it was just a delay.

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I have been locked out of every forzathon since the new Udate.
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Sounds like that’s your issue

Have you bothered to even reset your router at all
Tried hard resetting / cold booting your console properly yet as well


My achievement is stuck at 6%…

Mine too and I’ve tried two different Nissan’s. I’ve let the Barrel Roll skills ‘bank’ and check the app; still at 6%. Aaarrgghhh…

A bit frustrating as im pretty sure i’ve done it atleast 15 times…

I’ve switched up to the Sylvia Spec-R and it’s worked instantly. You don’t need to complete the Barrel Rolls, or bank them. As long as the Barrel Roll achievement begins to fade in on your screen, it counts. Good luck everyone… My recommendation would be to head to the Timber Mill and use the log ramps.

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Yep. Took me a bit longer as I thought you did have to bank them, but the achievement popup game when id done the last one and was still in the air!

I’ve just done 30 of them in the r31 skyline and it’s saying through the achievements I haven’t done any

Just got my Silvia. Took about 5 minutes to perform the required 15 barrel rolls.

The are Silvia’s on the auction house with the bid at 6,000,000+ with time still to go! What;s even more bizarre is there are ones to buy out less than that at 5,500,000! Crazy!

Was doing it in the -98 S14 but now i changed to the -66 Silvia and getting it without any problems

Silvia K (previous forzathon prize version) works for barrel rolls, barnfind skyline did not even after doing 20 and letting them bank.

I wish they would test this stuff properly…always something broken.

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