Drift boost might drive the price down… I’ll try to get a second one from the AH just for me l reckon :slight_smile:

So i need help with the Nissan barrel roll challange ive tryed 4 diffrent skyline gtrs doing easily 20 flips per car and still havent unlocked this silvia h.e. car or gotten the 3 wheel spins from winning a race in a Japanese car ive tryed. This in 4 gtrs and the Toyota sr5 to go for the races in japanese car no luck and i tryed for the drift chain in the sr5 doing 15 drifts in one line then trying doing 15 drifts seperatly i think forzathon is glitching i need help

Omg, really…

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Yup really it would seem :slight_smile:
Maybe it would be more helpful to say that this Forzathon starts FRiDAY (the 24th). That means you have to sleep 2 more times and THEN you can go bananas :smiley:
I’m all set to go with an S2 Silvia '66 “Endless Rolling Edition” and the Toyota SR5 which I made a mad drift tune for that turned out really well. Let’s do this!! …well …in 2 days (he he?)

EDiT: I have shared the Toyota Corolla SR5 “Forzathon Drift” tune if you want to try it out.

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Forzathon does not start until Friday. It is not glitched.

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Had 7 wheel spins thanks to Fozathon,won 2 HE Supras,sold one for almost 2 mil,was a good day!!!




Lucky you! I got my first HE car through a spin at level 92, and that included perk spins and forzathon spins. I purchased most HEs in the AH or won them in forzathons. Except the Corvette, I got 3 of those through spins.

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I just posted because earlier in this thread,someone said people were tagged to get better wheel spins,i had only won about 3 or 4 HE cars since starting,at lvl 152 I get 2 good HE cars in 7 spins,just proves how random it really is.

You people must just be oblivious to the “STARTS IN” timer. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


They could do with some enormous event countdown numbers whenever you pause the game.



It’s a frankly idiotic idea to think some people are “tagged”. It’s literally the same as claiming lottery winners were tagged to win.

That’s exactly how probabilities work: 1% chance to win something → roughly 1% of people win that thing.
Likewise there are some people or person who has won 50 times and some people who never have won. These guys are even less likely to turn out than that 1% chance but they always exist given enough pure tries.

For luck’s sake try to understand this :wink:

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Lol And has Starts In: also. cant forget that part.

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Just wait for the inevitable; ‘Why isn’t it live now?’ OR ‘It should still count my progress!’


Just photographed an AI driving the Nissan HE yesterday. Can’t wait to try it out by myself.

I made a little video montage to showcase some potential spots for barrel rolls:

#Forzathon - Sushi Roll (Youtube)


Nicely done! :slight_smile:

Show off… :wink:

(Thanks, I knew the locations but your choice in vehicle was perfect.)

Thank you! That’s a great video and your choice of car is perfect. The 66’ Silvia was made to roll all day he he :smiley:

Wow that was nice of you.