If it’s possible to configure the game with settings the developers themselves provide and this stops features from working it IS the developers fault. It’s a bug.

Br, a software engineer.

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Tried the Nissan Titan but it’s a bit of a slow moving monster. There are other trucks I would rather race. I have finished the whole game, including Blizzard Mountain, but nothing is as easy as the Timber Yard.

No, it’s perfect for it. Just use S2 (or S1 - I dont remember which is maxed out) tuning with the best max speed value and then that really easy. I tried and it really works. I use the stone next to the first Warning Jump you did in the forest. I dont remember thats Timber Yard or not. Just drive down the mountain to gain the speed and then achieve the stone (the left site of it is better if I remember clearly). Just change position of one, front wheel (next to the edge) of the end of stone and the barrel roll made by itself.

For “Sushi Roll” I have created a custom bucket list where I use the '66 Silvia to do the 15 rolls.
I’m using the Pony Express BL at the airport near the loading ramps. I’m using no rewind to make it more of a challenge.
It’s great fun to practice there and I must have done at least 100 rolls by now :slight_smile: I’m ready! Bring it!

EDiT: Why the '66 Silvia? Size. I found it makes rolling much much easier since it’s quite small. I made an S2 902 tune so it has some punch. I tried the GTR HE but the huge wing made it a hassle.
Also you don’t need to make a BL. You can of course do this event without. I made a custom one that counts rolls so it would be easier for me. Good luck :slight_smile:

Is there any Forzathon events tomorrow, the 21st?

Nah, next event is Friday.

Might as well be “complete 15 barrel rolls in a Silvia”. After blowing the barrel rolls at the Timber Mill with the GT-R Black Series Horizon Edition, I tried doing the airport ramps with the 1992 Nissan Silvia Club K’s from Forzathon, and that thing does barrel rolls without even trying. So if you are trying to get the Spec-R Silvia Horizon Edition from Forzathon, keep in the model line and use a Silvia.

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I’m excited. I’ve waited for the S15 HE long.

Wonder if it’s going to become a multi-million car.

I suspect that a fair majority of the ones that go in the auction house will be snapped up given a quick flat black paint job or a quick fiddle under the bonnet and re-listed for a massive profit…

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I haven’t heared any skill songs for ages now. Could it be, that it has something to do with deactivating the radio moderator’s voice in the settings?

Quite possibly…

^There a perk that launches a skill song. If you got the skillpoints to get it.

Might want to turn it on the Classical station for a 7min skill song :wink:

Here’s hoping the Silvia HE is a credits boost. We have enough drift skills HEs at this point.

This screenshot is from the Blueprint menu (where HE cars PI is default without upgrades)


Meh, they already tricked us by saying the Supra HE was credits boost and then it was just drift skills. Now this???

FYI: Since we know there are unwritten/hidden requirements in Forzathon each week I can let you know that:

  1. The 66’ Silvia CAN be used to complete the “Sushi Roll”.

#Forzathon Sushi Roll
Perform 15 Barrel Roll Skills in a Nissan to win the Nissan Silvia HE

  1. I used the Toyota Corolla SR5 to win a race. Head to head did not work but Exhibition did this time. The 15 drift skills also were triggered during that race.

#Forzathon Celebration Of The Cherry Blossom
Win a Race in a Japanese car to win 3 Wheelspins
#Forzathon Wasabi Shrimp
Perform 15 Drift Skills in the Honda S800 or the Toyota Corolla SR5 to receive 25,000 CR

  1. Since the Toyota Corolla SR5 is so capable (with tune) I will use it for this final challenge.

#Forzathon Karaoke Night
Bank a Skill Chain during a Skill Song to earn 25,000 XP

Hope this is helpful for some of you. Have a nice weekend all :slight_smile:

Imagine that, another drift skills car…


And here I am, actually liking that the Silvia will be a Drift Skill HE

I know what you mean but in this case it makes perfect sense though.


Looks good! Or it would do with a decent colour.