My first online race win was a Drag race online, so it’s a online race.
For Forzathon, may be you need to ask ANNA to show you what is a “race”.

By the way, is there any offline Drag race available?

I did a few races in different Cobras, did not get anything, then said awe its fine I just want the Mercedez, so I did 3 stunts (3 stars on all of them)… nothing. So I went to drift zones and did 3 of them… still nothing. Finally, I hit up a ton of speed traps and zones and still nothing. How do I do this #Forzathon?

have you tried cold booting / hard resetting your console properly at all yet

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If nothing is popping for you, quit the game via the paused menu screen and then restart your XBox. Once restarted just go back into the game and start driving. This will resolve most issues.


Heh first time I’m having problems with forzathon. Did some races in cobras (those cheap ones) = nothing. Got 7 lucky escapes in an audi quattro = nothing. Got 3 stars on at least nine stunts (some of them were 1 star, some 2) and guess what? Nothing :). Even finishing a tournament (last challenge) doesn’t work. I’m on a pc.

EDIT: so I got 2 rewards. First came a few credits for completing a tournament and then I got mercedes. Seems like you need to do for example the same speed trap 3 times, but always be over 3 stars limit.

I don’t know what’s worse. The glitch or the suggestions to fix. Reset, cold boot, hot boot, everything. Painfully obvious and everyone over the age of 10 has done. I just bought on auction. Not that serious… If it works for you why are you even trolling this. Im sorry but if multiple people are having the same problem then its obviously a glitch. Thanks …

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Do you understand the difference between an issue with the game and an issue with your situation? It’s actually pretty simple: Issue with game = >10% of players experience the exact same problem, issue with your situation = YOU experience an issue based off whatever your issue is…

A lot of PC players were on here a last Forzathon complaining about “Its always broken for PC!” and then they realized they had a third party program interrupting the send/receipt event… I laughed for a good long time at that.

You have another 24 hours to figure out why your situation is different than the VAST majority of players.

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Thanks for the equation. I love this game and any issues are just part of it. I’m not complaining just trying to understand without profanity… In the end it = what it is… Thanks again…

For those who can’t get the Starry Eyed achievement to pop:

There most certainly is a glitch / defect / oversight / lack of care in the code that counts your 3 star PR stunt run as I discovered just now.

In Settings > HUD and Game Play, there is a setting called Notifications.

If this is set to OFF, you will never get the achievement.

I did many runs, resets, switch from XB1 to PC and back again, until I realised that I had turned mine off.

Turned it back ON, did three runs of the Gold Mine Speed Trap achievement popped straight away.

And to think not a single T10 Dev thought to drop by to mention that the code they wrote to count the achievement relied on this setting to be on, but as usual, allowed the community to bicker about how to fix it.


You know Notifications are set to ON by default… so you had to have turned it off at some point; probably trying to quiet ANNA…

Not a defect/glitch/oversight or lack of care when you go and gum up the works for yourself. Just saying.


Lots of stupid things are on by default.

What REALLY doesn’t help are people like you attacking people looking for help rather than finding a way to help them.

If this was such a well known requirement, then why did no one before me, particularly a T10 representative, jump in and offer this helpful tip.

It certainly is oversight and lack of care if it is not a defect or glitch.


I gave this advice to people about 17 forzathons ago but they told me i was stupid so i gave up.


I’m not attacking you. I hope you figure out what you did to make Forzathon not work. I hope you get all Forzathon challenges and rewards.

You say stupid things are on by default… well maybe the people who MADE the game, know something you don’t, and this isn’t new information… it has been brought up several times… over the last 6 months. I don’t feel like I need to hand hold someone who can easily READ. You didn’t discover this, you aren’t the first, you aren’t special. You feel that something is owed to you because of whatever… but when the reality of ‘maybe it’s your fault’ sets in, you get upset… ‘well the developer should know I was gonna do something to hurt myself’ Sorry, it doesn’t work that way…
Forzathon has worked for me since day one, and you know why? Because I don’t do anything weird… I don’t try messing with the game or playing around with settings. Its simple stuff.

I just find it sad that frustration on your end, MUST mean that people at Turn10 ‘don’t care’. Also Turn 10 is a developer, not a publisher, so expecting a ‘representative’ to answer your questions specifically is entitlement at its finest… talk to MS, report your issues in Support, send an email to the feedback address.

Again, I hope everything works out for you.


Personally it was something that T10 could have posted… and back in the day when there was community, Fred, Brian, John would have… but I guess we are past that point now, for whatever the reason, The atmosphere is certainly different.

We don’t feel entitled - we just miss the way it was. I had no issues at all getting the Forzathon, but had no idea what the fix was for so many that couldn’t so I just kept quiet, because I knew there was nothing that I could type that would help.


I come to share my passion about cars, driving and Forza with like-minded individuals.

I stay for the community spirit …


Disabling notifications shouldn’t prevent the actual things it’s notifying you of from happening altogether.

It was discussed during the first forzathon that had pr stunts in it that you required you to have notifications on otherwise you wont see that you 3 starred it anyway
It shouldn’t affect it but it does

It doesn’t shut Anna up anyway by turning them off

RaindancerAU, Thank you, I’ve been looking for an answer and only found “read the forums” “just do a hard restart”
I only joined this forum to thank you for actually looking for an answer rather than repeating arrogance.
From an ancient gamer, these arthritics thumbs are up. Likely first and last post, so flame away, I don’t care.

Thank you again.


Didn’t unlock for me after 5 PR stunts earlier.
Hard shutdown, plug pulled for 3 mins and “Ta da”
Mercedes-Benz in the garage and achievement unlocked.

I had notifications off and didn´t got the Merc… Worked with notifications turned on… Thx…