"Forza Horizon 3 will include new weekly challenges dubbed Forzathon, Playground Games creative director Ralph Fulton told Polygon today at Gamescom.

The feature will include weekly, themed competitions where players can win prizes not available in other parts of the game. Challenges start in October, just after the game’s Sept. 27 launch on PC and Xbox One.

Of note is the event Oct. 14, when players can win a Nissan Silvia S14, and an unannounced event Oct. 28-30. News on that event is still incoming, though Fulton said players will be able to win and drive a vehicle that “has never been drivable in Forza before, which you will not believe.”

The Forzathon challenges are part of Playground Games’ commitment to players beyond the game’s launch date, Fulton said.

“It’s not just about the game that we ship on day one,” Fulton said. “It’s about the game that we’re adding to.”

Hovercraft confirmed


What if the FM4 UNSC Warthog model got itself some physics and handling :wink:

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A polaris slingshot.

You can win an S14 via a Forzathon challenge?! Now I’m sold.

Nissan Silvia S14 confirmed.

M1 Abrams Confirmed :wink:

This is not good!

Will there be any way to get the cars after the event (like in the Auction House) or are they going to be like Unicorns? Since I’m going to miss the first competitions because I won’t get the game until Christmas.

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I’m going to hazard a guess at it being highly unlikely, as they’ll be unicorns.

Not too pleased that they’re doing them for H3…

You can get these cars off of the auction house (for a high price). Some of these Forzathon challenges come back again too, like the Terradyne Gurkha or the Warthog. I dindn’t get the game until Christmas either and just bought most of the Forzathon cars.

IGN’s article provides some additional detail:

Where’s the calendar of challenges? I would like to plan which forzathons to participate in.

I saw that everything through the end of November is in the post called “Contest and Gift List in FH3”. In Horizon 3 Discussion, page 1 or 2. Racing the Holden Sandman coming up, big sale starting 11/25.

Max beat me to it.

Oh boy. More exclusive content that those who buy the game later on will miss out on!


A ‘Comedy horn pack’?

So clown horns, police sirens, and fart sounds? That would be wonderful.

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General Lee’s dixie horn?

Would be nice. Be even nicer to have it in the base game though.

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so forzathon is really a thing. sounds like fun! I really wanted more unlocks and it seems that if we unlock horns and such maybe new parts will come along!