Forzathon Shop Wheelspin prices

I’m living proof you don’t have to be good to accumulate skill points. I just act a fool in the woods and work a skill chain to a 100k and let the multiplier do it’s thing and I get 10 perks and go again.

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I think it does scale based on the number of players. I was in one where there was a Lambo, a WRX and me in a Jeep GC. The three of us made it through the first 2 challenges fairly easy (a Speed Trap, and a Speed Zone). But the third challenge was a Drift Zone. I can’t drift and apparently the WRX was no better than me. For every turn the WRX and I went through the Drift Zone, the Lambo skid by us 3 times. I felt sorry for the Lambo because he drifted his tail end off as hard as he could trying to build up the points, but, unfortunately me and the WRX were little help if any.

If one of us were a drifter, we probably would have won the challenge.

I can understand why they increased the price, but 40 FP is too expensive, 30 would have made more sense (especially for non-VIP players without the house bonus who only get 30 FP from the Forzathon live events). The super wheelspins should have been a bit cheaper as well, maybe 120 instead of 150.

Also, it would have been nice to get a heads-up on this change a day or 2 before instead of logging in to see a massive price hike.

All of this goes to show me at least that the in game economy is somewhat broken right now if wheelspins are by-far the fastest way to make money. It seems to me that early in the game wheelspins could be used to give the player a nice windfall to get them on their feet, but after that there should be a more consistent way to earn money. The player jobs system is extremely lacking right now with just the supercar rentals (which doesn’t even really feel like a job, just a bunch of bucketlist challenges that give a token payout each day), and race payouts (even with VIP) are still pretty low since we can’t stack a bunch of mod cards like we could in FM7. A bit off-topic, but something that definitely plays into all of this.

House bonus is not VIP exlusive, every player can buy the house and have 2x points

Wait… Are you suggesting with VIP i should be getting 60 Forzathon point per run? Cause i’m only getting 30… Have been since the start…

It’s a house that gives you the double forzathon points. Vip’s, to my understanding, have that house for free from the beginning. For everybody else it costs 5 million credits.

Aye. Also you do actually need to visit and claim the house to get the double points.

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The economy currently is more than just broken. I haven’t bought a single car(except the free car pass & drift car vehicles) and you get showered with them. I have modded a majority of my cars bought super car rentals and have 1.7mill in the bank because there isn’t any need to buy cars, you just get given them all to you by wheelspins and levelling up(Lambo for the race series etc.) I don’t even have VIP etc to grant me with extra bonuses. The race payouts need to increase or the prices of certain things need to decrease IMO. A 10 million car or 15 million property should be a hard grind but with my average payour being 5-10 k each race that means I would have to win 1,500 races just to buy the castle(And that is saying I am earning 10k per race). IMO that is too much of agrind and the race payouts should be altered massively.

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Do the weekly seasonal events on expert difficulty and you win six super wheelspins each week. VIP gets another two each week for free. For three Forzathon Live events a day you can buy one super wheelspin. Seven more. And doing the weekly and a few daily challenges is another one. That is 16 super wheelspins every week with little effort. That alone gives you 1.5 to 2 million CR a week, so the 10 million for a castle aren’t too bad. The real issue are the many cars that cost 10 million CR. There’s around ten, plus loads between 2 and 10 million.

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I really dont understand why people are actually buying wheelspins let alone the superwheelspins
Wheelspins are thrown at you constantly
I get one almost after every race

Wait till you prestige and it slows down. I get a spin every 2 or 3 races.

Yeh and what is the problem with that
Why do people need so many wheelspins
Or if you want them so bad for not doing too much just farm influence on mixer

Wheelspin should be 30
Super-Wheelspin should be 120

The price of spins is irrelevant to me. I am not buying a single one.

I have been playing since day 1 and have must have done hundreds of spins by now. Just yesterday, I purchased 3 houses and completed 2 stories, giving me ~15+ superspins and at least twice that number in regular spins.
My bad luck when it comes to spins ensured that I STILL did not receive a single FE car or supercar since day 1.

A “good” prize for me so far is the Audi TT RS and a C63 Black Edition. Got a 2012 M5 as well I think.

One of the NPC’s got all excited when I won a Hoonigan Mustang from the 60’s, mentioning how RARE it is… Yeah right, I was not impressed.

Anyway, I am not spending a single point on spins until I am done with all the emotes/clothing craps. I have won so much of these things that I can dress up the whole Forza community. I have all things pink and glittery if anyone’s interested.

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so its been a week and still no official response as to why this was changed. i keep running into forzathon events in a server with over 40 people and only 2 maybe sometimes 5 people join. and since its not enough people we fail and dont get anything for it. this change ruined the replay ability of the hourly events. Its causing a negative impact on the game and im unhappy about this not even my friends wana do the forzathon events because its not worth it.

This keeps happening to me too. Besides the somewhat repetitiveness of it, I think the payoff is a little low and people are doing other things. However once they finish a lot of the campaign stuff they may end up doing them. I was on a server with 54 people and there were three of us doing the events, that’s a bit ridiculous and useless.

Sorry guys, I think it’s my fault. The first week when Wheelspins where 10 points, I was buying them up like hotcakes. Every time I’d earn 10 points I’d buy one.

I think they took notice to me and raised the price.

But on the lighter side, the same thing happened to me with the McDonald’s $1 Menu… I was abusing it so they stopped it. So, I didn’t go to McDonalds any more… Surprisingly enough, they brought back the $1 Menu… See, it’s all about me!

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I was looking at the shop, and I noticed that you can get 3 Wheelspins for less than the price of 1 Super Wheelspin.

I thought that 1 Super Wheelspin was basically just 3 Wheelspins, but am I missing something? Are you more likely to get some higher level items on a Super one? Do only certain items show up on Super ones? Or is this just an oversight?

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You’ll also get the same clothes and cars in Super Wheelspin and Wheelspin. But 1 Super Wheelspin is equivalent to 3 normal spins.

Allegedly the super wheelspin contains an increased number of higher tier items. Though for me, I super wheelspins have always been a disappointment As most of my good cars + cash come from normal wheelspins. It’s 95% dances, emotes and clothes. Then when these are used up, lots of low cash prizes. I.e. 1k to 20k.