Forzathon shop limits

Hi All,

Since beginning of Series 3, I have encountered issue with Forzathon Shop. I can only buy item once, not only cars, but wheelspins too.

Is it supposed to be that way, or is it a bug?

Maybe bug. On xmas/new year sale was more cars in shop

If restart doesnt fix it send ticket

Did you solved this problem? I have the same but I thought it is normal situation.

The way it works for me:

I can buy the cars once each week whether or not I already have them.
I can buy one of each type of wheelspin once per week.
I can buy any clothing/horn/similar thing if I don’t already have it.
I cannot buy anything from the shop for a second time.

H4 was different, generally wheelspins were always available for FP. Most of the time super wheelspins were restricted to 2 per week. Otherwise the same as H5.

This works as intended.
These shop items are one-time offers and once item per buyer for the listed number of Forza points.
The only exception was for chrismas gifts, where you could buy a car to give away to several of your friends.

You can go to the auto house to buy more cars of one kind, if they are available there, for credits, though.

Which were never delivered, or delivered but didn’t make it to the garage, and the points spent never refunded… ok, so, I’m not over that yet, gee, and it’s almost Christmas again, maybe we’ll get to do it all again. Joy.

…apologies for the rant hijack.

EDIT PS : Since I’m back here because of a like, and Der_Duit mentioned their experience below, and I didn’t reply at the time and don’t wish to spam the thread, here’s my tally for those interested… or not :wink:

I sent 5 cars over the Christmas thing before I wised up to the rip off. The first one the friend got the notice, found the present, smashed it and got the car. Yay ! Of the other 4 I sent after… 1 got a notice, no present to smash, nothing. 1 got a notice, smashed present, car collected… only not, it never showed up in their garage, the other 2 were complete no shows, nada, zip, not even coal.

And I was sent 2 cars. Got one the other vanished into the ether.

Submitted tickets. Solved. Or in other words… nothing done about it, at all. I’m sure they’ve been working hard on it all year so that this year Christmas gift giving will work flawlessly. Santa said so !


Well, I made two presents (received confirmation of one indeed arriving) and received those two addressed to me just fine.

You can certainly expect that PGG will address the Chrismas topic in racing, cars, environment (Mulega or Guanjato market) and esspecially the shop and why not?
Just like any other company will certainly do with their merchandise to keep with current events.

Get out that red colour and the golden glitter and search for the CD from Wham ("Last chrismas I gave youuu…) you probably have secretly hidden in your dashboard…

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I asked myself the same question when I could only buy 1 superwheel spin. I thought about it for a good minute thinking why is it this way. Nothing came to mind so I concluded it’s because forja.