Forzathon off-road 7mil skill points lost

I had 5million skill points of the 7mil and i got back on forza to find all of my points gone. Please help

nobody can help , they are gone, I had it happen too
got the 7 million within an hour , would be quicker with a skill song , try using the landrover forza edition

Mine reset at 5 million and then again at 6 million …but then finally got it

Over 4 hours today and would have earnt 30 million skill score resulting in over 500 skill points
Mastered about 5 or 6 cars with all perks…maybe more
So didnt really lose anything…
Guess some people dont have time though


You are not alone with this problem:

It is really annoying, that the Forzathon challenges are already broken since 3 weeks and Turn 10 aren’t fixing it or bringing up a stable server connection for the Forzathon progress.

I had 3 crash to desktop while trying to achieve that challenge they need to take a look and sort it out.

I was 40k away from finish, then my entire progress of the challenge was restarted, and wouldn’t d register that I was driving an off-road vehicle

I’m not sure anyone ISN’T having this problem.

If u log out og fh4 while doing it. The points resets

If u log out og fh4 while doing it. The points resets