Forzathon not working please help

Iv just completed the first forzatho challenge to get the Porsche 3.3 turbo in the aston martin db5 but the challenge says its uncomplete although i done the championship in the db5 and won every race please help me

Confirm each of these so others can try to narrow down the issue:

  • Go to your Settings menu for HUD and make sure Notifications are turned On. Are you seeing the required Skills show up on screen?
  • If you have 550 cars in your garage, auction/remove one or two.
  • If you are playing on PC: make sure you have not disabled Connected User Experiences and Telemetry setting; turn off antivirus programs (see Known Issues thread in the Support forum).
  • Reboot before starting the challenges - hold the power button on your console until it shuts off. Also reboot any Win10 computers connected to the same router. PC players, log out of your Xbox app and reboot - are you on the Creators Update version of Windows?
  • If you have the Play Anywhere option switch to your other device and try that way.
  • Use the dashboard Achievement tracker to see if you are progressing through # requirements, or use a Bucket List with skills requirement.
  • Reboot again if you see an Achievement but no gift. Look in your Garage, not Autoshow, and try different Sort options.
  • Complete any prompts from ANNA - Lineup, open Championships, Showcase, Site expansion. Have you progressed through Festival upgrades to the point all menu items are unlocked?
  • Try the challenge in solo mode if you’ve been trying it in online.
  • Make sure you are reading the requirements correctly, and ask the community for tips on proper execution.

If you are asking for help or explanation for why you’re not receiving Achievements/awards, include the following in your post:
-The date/time you attempted the challenge
-Which platform you’re playing on
-Confirmation that you have tried all of the above troubleshooting
-% of completion for the challenge as shown in the console dashboard Achievements section
-If you’ve had trouble with Forzathon before or if this is a new issue.
-If you’re a child account or are using a shared Gold membership console.