Forzathon live bad locations

Can we talk about some of the awful stunts yall picked for the Forzathon live events? I’ve had 8 or 9 people fail to complete even round 2 of the one near Gle Rannoch, because you chose a drift zone with no margin for error at all (despite what the drift banners suggest). You have a 20 foot wide dirt path, drift zone banners 21 feet aprt, but only the middle like 4 feet of road actually counts for drift scores. It’s interminable. It’s a huge chore to complete in good weather, on snow I have had 3 attempts fail

Also, while I’m whinging, another forzathon live ends with a Danger sign jump near Derwent Reservoir (lands near whatever that bridge dam thing is meant to be). The jump is fine, but getting back up that hill takes forever because you have to go around a bunch of junk. Same with a Danger sign in Astmoor, the jump works perfectly fine but is obviously not meant to be done over and over, cos if you drive back to it you hit a hidden unmovable wall right near it that goes for 400 feet in either direction. Can yall actually playtest these next time?

edit: and can I please have the wheelspins for the 3 seasonal chamiopnships I’ve beaten with unbeatable AI? Because I really really hate doing things that are a pain, and not even getting an acknowledgement that I completed it, let alone, you know, actual credit? (Unbeatable is a higher difficulty than the required Expert or Highly Skilled and should have qualified me just fine to win those spins, which I need cos everything is expensive as hell and races earn me nothing)

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I agree with your first two issues (not sure about the third).

I’m not a good drifter anyway, but in the Winter, with a Truck… with Low End Gears… and Snow Tires! Come on!

Unless we have a dozen people in the party, those Danger Zones you mentioned are near impossible.

For the Forzathons? Have yet to find one unbeatable. Now have had some where just two of us have only gotten say two out of three. Is unfortunate, but if nobody shows… Having difficult ones make it interesting vs just one trick pony farms. Perhaps need a different car or tune.

Example is I have been using my S1 Colorado for this whole winter. In easy ones, I might bring the aventador. In summer, the colorado will be useless and I probs will use my rwd maserati again. Fall, is the 959 and spring I use whatever my roleplay decides. Won a nice car so probably that.

So perhaps a different approach or different car. Circle the loop on the road for a fast jump and fast return instead of climbing a hill in a hypersport. Take the challenge.

I am not without complaint though. I find the point requirements for drift zones to be too high and seem based around using purpose built drift cars. I hate drift cars and all my cars are set up to race, but can drift well. Even then, still feels like a grind session. The points required for them need a 25% reduction just to keep it from being a metagame/grind.

You have missed my point. I am not writing about the challenges being individually difficult. I’m saying that one (the drift zone in Glen Rannoch) is narrower than it even says it is, which is a bad thing, and that the return trips for the jumps I mentioned take too long for the group as a collective to succeed, a times. Being condescending to me like I don’t know how to play won’t help all the other guys who also are failing the same challenges cos they can’t get back up the hill fast enough. But thanks for the attitude!

it’s so obnoxious, they need to add a function like Skate where you could mark a spot then teleport back to it once you’d reached the bottom

Jump, fast travel, repeat. Works for me.