Forzathon challenges

I’ve been working on the forzathon for the Porsche 959 and I was wondering if anyone had problems with the one challenge where ou have to create a blue print in a Porsche, I tried it in different cars and different settings and still haven’t earned the achievement

This is the first time I have issues with one or more challenges not clearing right away. The bucket list one specifically took a few minutes to pop up. I used the 918.

Personally, i had to compete on my own bucketlist after creating it, then it finally unlocked.

this has all been answered in the Main Forzathon thread on the discussion page

geez right above this thread too

but you do need to attempt your bucket list once you have set it, has always been like this in previous forzathons too

I have done this weeks (September 21,2018) of completion of 3 speed zomes a few times… Started just getting 3 stars on ones I already had 3 on, nothing, so found 5 different ones I didn’t have 3 stars on and got 3 stars… Nothing. I’m level 360 so I think I know what to do, just wondering if anyone else has any issues. Rebooted xbox 1s and trying again.

Its not your xbox mate, no one on xbox live has unlocked it as its broken atm. We’re all hoping for a fix but theres no whispers from T10


I’m just curious how many other forzathon threads were scrolled past getting to one that’s 11 months old…

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Some people are to lazy to look for the right post or have reading problems and need to got back to school to learn to read again as well get there eyes checked

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