Forzathon bug

The last few times there has been a weekly that includes driving a certain distance ( e.g. 10 miles in the Evo VI ) it’ll take me probably 3 times that distance to hit that target. Meaning that most the distance I cover doesn’t seem to count. Anyone else have this problem or a solution to it? I’ve tried everything. Resetting the car to stock, toggling simulation on 'n off, transporting myself to and from Fortune Island. I can cover the distance eventually, but it definitely is waaaay over the amt required.

Is it being converted into km/mph incorrectly and you’re just not doing enough to meet the requirements?

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I’m american so I don’t use metric settings. I’m definitely doing enough to meet the requirements. I drove this thing clear across the map and back and I’m showing 9,432 / 16k.

I’ve noticed that you never seem to get any of the kilometres/miles covered when you are on fortune island.

Yep it’s happened to me every single time, although the last one was the worst one. The Evo challenge only took me a few hours, the one before (Volvo 850?) took me around THIRTY HOURS of just driving around. I could be wrong, but it seems that the error is mainly on PC as Xbox users don’t seem to have much of an issue.

I’ve switched between metric and “English” settings, tried on both mainland and Fortune Island, and tried a whole heap of other stuff. For the Volvo challenge I submitted a support ticket and the response was “It seems like there’s a conversion error, just keep driving and you’ll get there eventually” which of course was as helpful as an umbrella in a meteor shower… I guess that translates to “oh, it seems the game is broken, but we’re not going to fix it, you’ll just have to put up with it.”

Probably not the case, but you are not doing it too early are you?

I remember when the first on of these appeared months back, I must have covered 3 times what I needed to only to discover later that the four challenges have to completed in the order shown on the “Weekly Forzathon” (use right stick to scroll through on XB1)

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