ForzaRC S1W1 League (Rewards and Wrong Dates on ESL)

When we know if we won the dlc? i cant access the tables on esl app on xbox one because on esl is saying that only starts only in 28 August. Only on forza motosport 6 league tables ( ) i can access the leaderboards of my division.

And if we won, when we gonna receive the code from esl?

The way I’m interpreting the rules is if you are registered in the Open Series and place in the top 50% of your league division within Forza you would earn the DLC code.

If that’s correct, it’ll probably take a day or two to cross reference the League LBs against the ESL’s Open Series registrations.

There are a few other threads on this subject in this forum that might have a more official answer.

I’m guessing the DLC codes are not going to be sent until the end of the season because of this post:

Only people who register will be eligible for the DLC and you don’t even need to sign up until the end.

The Unicorn cars may be sent out sooner since you don’t need to register for those.

a tad frustrating if we need to wait until the end of the month to receive prizes for WEEKLY leagues!