Forza World

This is just a pipe dream but I want to see this happen.
A Forza horizon mixed with Forza Motorsport.

It’s mainly horizon but where you can visit the airport and get a menu to travel to tracks around the world and a championship menu for different types of classes,
For instance
Race what you bring ( your road cars open to all classes or fixed to class your choice)
Touring cars ( jgtc, btcc, dtcc, etc… you get the point)

I also think they need to implement a choice of realistic or arcade setting For both FH mode and FM so it can be more enjoyable for all. I’d honestly choose it to be realistic at all times but I think it should be on 2 separate servers so alike people can play together.

It should also have Petrol stations and running out of petrol made a thing in these games.

Like gran turismo used cars should be implemented.

These can be the rare or unicorn cars that very rarely show up pre 2000’s cars such as FTO’s R32 skylines rare American muscle cars like chargers.

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Great ideas and also agree with the realistic/arcade option. On the realistic side of things i also wish ALL stock level cars were as per manufacturers guides on acceleration and top speed, i hate being in a car and watching the speedometer accelerate to top speed then the car just continues to accelerate if feels so arcade to me. Also people can upgrade cars as much as they like but i can not down grade a stock car to make it more realistic. One other thing i would love in Horizon is a multi-story car park, would be fun to take a spin in and also have a time out at the top enjoying the view.