Forza World Tourer achievement

Trying to get the Forza World Tourer achievement and I’m about 85-86% complete (with R2, R1 and X events remaining) in Forza 4, but cant figure out which track(s) I have yet to race? Anyone else have any issues with this achievement?

as I recall - any that you may have “only” run hot lapping, running the leaderboards does not count - the track has to be raced, either in career or on-line (public or private) in order to count towards this achievement. (someone correct me if I am remembering wrong!)

some tracks to look out for are the Fuji Hill Climbs (done both Old & New?) and the Drag Strips that I do not recall appearing in career.

also, that last 14-15% may be more than you are imagining; gona take you awhile longer than you may be thinking it will ;^)

The link below will send you to ManteoMax’s [Stickied] post of achievements (it’s in this Forum, at the top).

Once you’re in, scroll down to “World Tourer Achievement requirements”.

…Leek you were pretty much spot on.

Good to know…Thank you both for the information!