forza world tourer achievement not unlocking

i have completed all 10 years of the season play and raced every track and track variation several times and the forza world tourer achievement has not unlocked.

any suggestions on why this is?

Most likely answer is you have missed one of the layouts - look through the leaderboards to find the one you are missing. There are several layouts that are not in the career mode or raced in the events list. It takes more than completing the season mode to race every track and layout.

i have looked on the leaderboards and race all the track and variations of the tracks in private race and on the leaderboards

you may have set a time on a layout, but not raced that layout - in my expecience, leaderboard “hotlapping” will not unlock this achievment. create a private race against the AI for any track you haven’t raced on. if you’ve done a lot of hotlapping, good luck figuring out which ones!

for me if was pretty easy as I didn’t have any times on any of the tracks outside of career mode when I decided to crack this achievment. as I recall, the dawn/duck variants didn’t matter; it was a couple of Fuji p-to-p tracks that went unraced in career mode.

This - along with some drag tracks and a couple of others. There was a good post about this on the old forums, but alas that is now nothing but a very hazy memory. The achievement works fine - it is just about working out what tracks you haven’t raced on.
Can go to private match and do one lap on each until it pops - some people resorted to a list to check off as they went so they didn’t make a mistake while doing this.

after re-racing every track in a private race with a couple friends still no world tourer achievement