Forza will not re download

Hello, hoping someone can provide some insight here…
This all started after reinstalling to possible fix a crash to desktop concern after the most recent february patch…

The issue has been that after uninstalling the game the hard drive shows 180gb of free space. Since I own Forza when I find it in the store there is an install button instead of a Buy button. When I click install it shows my drive and says there is 180 free with 96 needed. I click proceed and nothing happens except that the window disappears. No notification and nothing showing that it’s downloading. Also instead of a progress bar which it should show on the store page it still displays the install button. If I click that button again it tells me my HD doesn’t have enough free space as if the game was already installed.

Pc specs:
I5 Skylake 6600k,
Asus GTX 970 Strix OC edition,
16gb Black Hyper Fury X DDR4 Ram,
Win 10 is on 250gb Sandisk SSD mobo is Gigabyte GA-H110m with the LGA1151 skylake socket.

Did you look in:
Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Forza 7 and all the car packs/vip?
If it’s there I suggest you delete it all and then perhaps it will then recognize you don’t have it and let you download it.

Had to download through the xbox app and it worked, thanks for your reply!