Forza.. Where did our freedom go??

I’m really disappointed about this, the game seems to have so much dictation to it. Forza used to be about freedom, i can’t stand what they have done. The whole point to me was to be able to take whatever car i wanted make it a A class and race against whatever people have created online, the single player in previous Forza’s was something i played to earn credits to allow me to do this. I really want the traditional “Class style” multiplayer’s back , will Turn 10 even acknowledge posts like this? Whats microsofts refund policy? i have played for around 6hrs in hope class racing would unlock or something. Very disappointed -homologate system


You can use any car you want in free play and multiplayer even if you don’t own it. Division based racing is much better IMO than class based which is extremely unbalanced.



It’s definitely more balanced but most people don’t care about balance in Forza. Make a separate competitive lobby for balance and leave everyone else to do whatever they want.


Most people were whining about “balance” and asking T10 to take actions against the predominance of certain engine swaps until September 28. You can’t have your cake and eat it, ie. have absolute freedom to tune your car and close, competitive racing between similar vehicles.

100% agree. You actually have more leaderboards to compete in than you did in 6. All this whining isn’t getting you guys anywhere - it’s not coming back. RIP scoreboard cars. It’s going to be nice comparing my specs cars to hardcore competitors. Also want to add most of these guys didn’t returned their game, bunch of liars.

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Some of us did and won’t be back unless rivals (and hoppers) return to previous levels of freedom.

Sure, homologation is nice for those that aren’t really into tuning. Great. Let’s have both.

Having people leave you game, which is happening, will only hurt the game for everyone - even those of you who never used the class-track based rivals.

Also, leaderboard cars will not be gone. It will be worse because there will be fewer cars to choose from. So, instead of three to four potential leaderboard cars, you’ll have just one. sure, it’ll be in the same homologation class as the rest, but you’ll be basically restricted racing just that one car. Hotlapping and upgrading/tuning for it is basically dead in this game.

There are many (better) racing games. Forza was the only one that let you tune a D class to A class and race it. now Forza has lost another distinction, and the entire Forza community will suffer for it.


Actually tuning is much better since you’re not going against ridiculous parts on a TCS rocket car. You will absolutely see a variety of cars now on the boards especially on the only board that matters “hardcore”. Not sure how you think you’ll have less cars to choose from? So you think it was better on Forza 6 with the same exact car on almost all the class ranked boards? Sorry but that system was very broken. RIP garbage tunes.

The next move for Turn 10 is to “!” your laps if you use assist.

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Good luck with that.

And, yes, most definitely there will be less variety. Less in = less out. people are already finding the one car to rule them all in various divisions, and it’s not even a full week in past release.

Also, where are the hotlapping rivals options? There should be division-class hotlapping options in rivals. So, if you want to do that you can. Then, what difference would it make if there were also hotlapping options for pure class cars (E-X) as before? It wouldn’t make any difference to the homologation leaderboards, and people could hotlap for divisions when they want, and for pure class when they want. It makes no sense to remove those rivals. Homologation is good, I agree, but it should be an option - especially for rivals where someone racing what they want to race has absolutely no effect on you racing what you want to race. Different division/classes for different strokes.


What are you talking about? Cars are assigned to 30 specific divisions. That’s more than the Forza 6 class ranked divisions. Did you actually buy the game or just ranting from post on the forum?

You can also hot lap by division in free play - you don’t need rivals to hotlap. Set it to no AI and a bunch of laps.

In each division there will be a (already is in many) single leaderboard car. Yes, that’s what I mean. Yes I bought it. Yes I played it. Yes I refunded it.

If your point is that now there are many more specific leaderboards - great - let’s add a few more - the E-X class leaderboards and let’s add the rivals back for them and the current divisions. (and FYI division leaderboards also existed in Forza 6, so it isn’t really that much more)

Also, free play is not rivals.

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I was under the impression that homogolation would limit the advantages of division leading cars such as the Aston Martin in GT Endurance. I haven’t played any multiplayer since I’m still getting used to the new wheel. Does it not work? Also you guys put up one insane quote train.


I haven’t looked at that particular leaderboard, but in general, no it won’t solve this. At best, you’ll just get a new leaderboard car for that division. Homologation is nice if you’re the type that believes that you should never race a GT car against a suped up 67 vette (regardless of the impact on leaderboards). As for the actual, individual leaderboards, there are now less options, so you’re actually going to have (and we see it already) fewer options when it comes to getting to the top of that particular leaderboard, not more options.

There’s no reason IMHO not to have both types of rivals. Currently we have neither.


I believe you can, what they done is fine gives us our class hoppers with no homologation, along with what they done. That’s all the cake


Yes. Add back class based rivals and class based hoppers, and I’ll rebuy. (even though there certainly are other issues I’d like to see address, but that’s the bare minimum for me)

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Microsoft offers a once a year no questions asked refund.

Here’s the link to the store support.




That’s the case right now but fortunately self service refunds are coming soon.

No they don’t, I’ve gotten 4 refunds this year. Their policy is basically the same as steams but only applies to digital copies.

This game was all things to all people. Hotlappers, painters, tune shop, car sales men, racers, causal games,photographer, drag racers, drifters, sand box games. So many way to enjoy this game, cater so many different types of players… This game is so narrowly focused now.


And it seems they’ve tampered with every area in some way, in almost all cases breaking some aspect of something that was fine. So sad that so much functionality & freedom has gone in the pursuit of 4k and “700+ cars” headlines.