Forza Trackdays

This sounds great. I’m from the UK, please add me

Benkid 08

(need the space between benkid and 08)

How will we be notified of upcoming events. Do we check here or will we get a message?


I’d be down for this def anybody setting anything up?


I’m interested in this. Add/invite anytime you need racers, Thanks.

Happy new year all! Apologies for the lack of communication, had a hectic December. I’ll be organising a few for the 2nd week of January. Few hours on an evening and should be able to do a few days. Everyone welcome just add me as a friend and I’ll keep you up to date on here. Gord

I’d be interested in participating for sure.

I’ll be happy to join in on the fun when I’m online

Would gladly attend one of these track days with me and a friend!

this sounds like fun. ill gladly join up

Well I just bought about a dozen cars last night, hopefully I can get all of the designs and tunes on them done before this event takes place. If not, I have my “Trial tuning Celica” and “HKS Supra” that should do pretty well.

I’ll add all of you today and get a track day organised in about a weeks time due to work. Look forward to meeting everyone

Added, made a little Forza Trackdays logo if anyone wants it too. White, black and yellow

Working all this week then off the weekend :slight_smile:

Track time - 1 hour or 30 minute sessions? Any preference?

Tonight from 8pm UK time

Brands Hatch Indy - 30 minutes
Silverstone full circuit - 30 minutes
Spa Francorchamps - 1 hour

All clean racers welcome.
Any car class.
Test a car, try a set up, level affinity and have fun!

I’m definitely up for this add me

Thursday night from 6pm UK time

Laguna Seca - 45 minutes
Brands Hatch full circuit - 45 minutes
Nordschleife - 1 hour

If I can I would like to join

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Of course you can

PMs sent to all who showed an interest, see you tonight

UK (Scotland) Based myself, well up for this, still getting used to my wheel!
GT: TeamSmithers

I run the VLBST series and we have weekly Track Days on Saturdays and race on Sundays. So far the only attendees have been series drivers (which is still a blast) but I’d like to mix it up a bit with the rest of the community. Would you be willing to have us (the Lamborghini drivers) join you for Track Days? If so, when do you usually have your Track Days?


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