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Max – you ask us to submit feedback to recent updates.

This is why it’s pointless.

Wheel Still Not Working


  • 5 days ago

I need to ask this again because nothing has been done and my wheel sits gathering dust.

Despite numerous requests to fix it, nothing happens and now we head into the holidays where I suspect nothing will be done till the new year which will mean 3 or 4 months of not being able to use it in FH5. It works just fine in all of the other Horizon games with no need for any adjustments to setup.

So far…

October 21, 2022 - First issue with wheel. Won’t load game with wheel plugged in.
October 20, 2022 - OS version: 10.0.22621.2216 (xb_flt_2209ni.220926-1945) - Working fine
October 21, 2022 - OS version: 10.0.22621.2486 (xb_flt_2210ni.221014-1030) - Broke the system - game won’t load with wheel plugged in
November 01, 2022 - OS version: 10.0.22621.2488 (xb_flt_2210ni.221026-1300) - Let game start with wheel in but wheel not working
November 16, 2022 - OS version: 10.0.22621.2858 (xb_flt_2211ni.221110-2020) - wheel still not working
November 22, 2022 - OS version: 10.0.22621.2859 (xb_flt_2211ni.221115-2145) - wheel still not working

FH5 Update - Wed 14-09-22 - Ver. Xbox One: 2.507.426.0 - wheel working normally
FH5 Update - Tue 11-10-22 - Ver. Xbox One: 2.517.253.0 - wheel working normally
FH5 Update - Ver. Xbox One: 2.522.259.0 - Hotfix - 975 MB - wheel still not working after OS update
FH5 Update - Tue 08-11-22 - Ver. Xbox One: 2.527.960.0 - wheel still not working
FH5 Update - Mon 21-11-22 - Ver. Xbox One: 2.533.661.0 - wheel still not working

Why is it that you can’t just look back at what has changed since the time it was OK (Oct 20th) and fix whatever is happening now ?
i.e. horrible to drive (other Horizons perfectly fine) , no E-Brake (other Horizons perfectly fine)

I can’t wait another month or so over the holidays before you get this fixed. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game and wheel / rig setup and yet it’s inability to be used is just being ignored.
I’ve tried resetting, remapping, and everything else but nothing works. Even the switch clutch / E-Brake has disappeared from the advanced setup menu unless I’m using a controller with automatic gears - what use is that ?
n.b. - No more Generic responses from your copy and paste selection. I want a definitive answer and fix to this.


  • 4 days ago

Says last activity was 8 hrs ago but I see no response.
Also - what’s with this list on the right ?
All on the list have either been answered or are irrelevant as the wheel works fine on everything but FH5.
Need an answer and a fix before you shut down for the holidays.


  • 3 days ago

Just got the new FH5 update - 2.538.198.0 and also the new OS update - 10.0.22621.2864 (xb_flt_2211ni.221130-1745)
Wheel still not working…


  • 2 days ago


Thank you for letting us know about the issue you are experiencing. We understand this can be frustrating.

This has been identified as a known issue which you can find in our articles linked below. These are updated regularly and some issues may not be listed on there yet. The team is working diligently to investigate all of the issues on this list which would not be possible without hearing from players like yourself.

Forza Horizon 5 Known issues
Forza Horizon 4 Known issues

At this time, we don’t have any follow-up questions or steps for you to try so we are marking this ticket as “Solved”. The information you have provided has been logged. Please note that even though this ticket is marked as “solved” this issue is still under investigation with the developers. We will post an update to the support page and Twitter (@Forza_Support) when we have more information.

Please see our release notes for more information.
FH5 Release notes and Known Issues

Thank you for being so patient and taking the time to let us know about your experience.



  • 2 days ago

Well… I did ask for no generic responses.
This is the same answer that I’ve been getting for the past 7 weeks now.
This is a major issue - I need to get this wheel working again, and I think 7 weeks is more than enough time to go back and look at what has changed since the time it was OK and what is wrong with it now and issue the actual solution rather than just saying it’s solved when it isn’t.

If you look at the forums you’ll find many people who disagree with this “Solved” response to any issue when it’s not.
You need to change things to “under Investigation” or something similar, so that it doesn’t get lost in amongst solved issues and forgotten about.

On this particular issue however, why can’t you just go back to the pre Oct 21st files that worked and reset things back to that?


  • 1 day ago


We are currently investigating this issue, and this is not a Forza issue only, this happens via updates as well, and Xbox update recently had caused issues for wheel users as well,

Thank you,



  • 1 day ago

I know that. In fact I already listed them all at the top of this post.

I need this fixed now. It’s been 7 weeks since the OS update that broke the game from running with the wheel and 5 and a half weeks since they released another OS that let the game run with the wheel plugged in. The wheel however is not working the way it was before the crash OS.

I’ve been asking for a fix on this for all of this time and it shouldn’t take this long to look back at the data before and compare it to the data now to see what is causing the issue. Also the fact that the wheel has been working normally the whole time with all other games and only FH5 has the problem should also pinpoint the issue better. What’s wrong with FH5 that the other games don’t have with this the issue?

This is a matter of extreme urgency as the game is unplayable with the current situation. I paid full price for this game (Premium Pre-Order Edition) and don’t expect to have to wait till after the holidays for a fix when you’ve already had 7 weeks to find the issue. Get the Forza techs onto this now. This message of urgency is clearly not getting to them.

  • Post marked Solved Again with not even a response.


  • a few seconds ago

You clearly don’t read and understand these requests.

You said it wasn’t just a Forza issue but also via updates.
I noted this in already my first post.

You said it had caused issues for wheel users as well,
I have been saying it’s a wheel issue throughout.

The fact that I can’t get an E-Brake to work on my wheel is a real problem. Most tracks - including some of this weeks playlist - need an E-Brake.
Despite many attempts to map a button or pedal (all of which say they are mapped ) they will not work in the game. It makes the wheel unusable.
Until this is fixed, do not mark this as Solved. It is not Solved. Do you not read the feedback that you request players on the forums to provide ?
Most are completely and utterly against this methodology that you use just to make your solved figures look better than they are and then forget about the issue. We ALL want you to stop marking things as Solved until they actually are. That’s why I said you should use under investigation until it is and better still, put a priority level on it so the tech team can look at the important ones first instead of fixing something that doesn’t affect gameplay instead (such as a hole in an exhaust or whatever).

This is unplayable without an E-Brake and needs a fix now. How hard can it be to go back and re-instate the Wheel / Clutch pedal swap option that still exists in all other Horizon games but for some reason has been removed from 5 ? There’s even people on the forums ( if you can be bothered to look ) that can’t get their clutch to work either.

Wake up, read the feedback, and stop fobbing us off with a complete Lack of Support.
The players on the forums have resolved many issues and shared the results with others whilst Forza Support have never once resolved Anything.

What’s the point in submitting tickets when they don’t get properly read and just get the usual generic response and solved mark ?

n.b current known issues on this are


  • Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ V1.5 - Input from the shifter is not registered
  • Xbox currently does not have a " sensitivity/wheel rotation angle" option
  • Wheels - Issue causing steering wheels to pull to the right(2.23.22)
  • Wheel - User is asked to save changes in Wheel Controls Settings regardless if changes were made
  • Wheel - Clutch not recognized when mapping in Settings (Date Updated: 07.27.22)
  • Inputs & Peripherals - Wheels - Chosen Input Mapping layout changes to wheel’s default after restarting the title on PC (9.14.22)
  • Wheels - PC - Wheels / FFB not functioning properly after Series 14 for some players. (Date Updated: 11.22.22)

So this has - according to this list - been an issue for a long time if the last update on it was 27th July.


now now, you are displaying your inability to grasp Newspeak

it’s “solved”, any evidence to the contrary is simply wrong

you’ve nailed something I’ve been going on about for ages; the absolute refusal to properly engage