Forza Score not Increasing

So lately, I understand that Xbox has had many…MANY issues with their servers and cloud core services, but I’ve noticed something weird happening with Forza.
I can not confirm if this is connected with the big outage on the 30th of last month, but ever since then my Forza score has not gone up. In Forza Horizon 4, I’ve finished all the Horizon story chapters and played for 9 more days totaling from 23 to 32 days. However, none of this information has updated in the database and I was not sure If I was the only one to spot this. I’ve watched my score for well more then a week now and gotten achievements in Forza Motorsport 7, Horizon 2 and Horizon 1, and not one change in score has happened since the outage.

If there is anyone that can help out on this, or anything at all please let me know soon because I feel like I’m playing the games for no reason since my achievements and progress hasn’t gone into the system yet.

If you’re talking about Forza Hub/Rewards, it hasn’t worked since November. There are many threads about it.

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Yeah, talking about the Forza Rewards, and Forza hub itself…my Forza Game score (or whatever it’s called that counts the stuff done in game as points towards tier) has not updated for me at all like its jsut gave up. Hopefully someone will spot this out from either Turn 10, or Playground Games or whoever controls the system…there is a lot of people talking about it and not many of them seem to not be very pleased by it…

It works but not every day :smiley: It’s a feature probably.