Forza Rivals Challenges + Team Races - Forza Horizon 4/5/Motorsport

Ok times up for todays Challenge, and here are the results.

1st - ChevyChase13 - 50.572

2nd - EdwardPindol - 50.664

3rd - AXWELL311 - 50.918

4th - CRW209 - 51.931

For the next challenge were going to mix it up a bit with some s2 street, but first lets here some suggestions on a car and race location

So it is time for a new challenge so here is the info for today…

Class - S2 Street

Car - BT62 2019 Brabham

Race - Horizon Callejera

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Good luck for todays challenge, I think we will see some top 100 times and below from this one, so let do this!

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Good luck to everyone. :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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So i did a test run to see where im at and managed a 1:30.862

Changing the surface and class of the car requires training. I believe these times at the end of the day will be better than 26.

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Which car did you use the first time? (26 sec)

the blade i believe

after 3 tries i got it down to a 1:29
“Edit” 1:28.442

Yes i believe a sub 1:26 is possible with the brabham. Should be a top 50 run by the end of today’s challenge

@EdwardPindol EDI! Where are you? still having issues posting?

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Spen the last 45 mims building a custom stand for my digital gauge cluster. Now im ready to post some times.

So far my best time in the BT62 Brabham is a 1.28.177

You too man, not that you need it, lol :racing_car: :checkered_flag:

Hi. My time 01:27.04 - it’s on the leaderboard.

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nice time! better watch out @ChevyChase13 @Landorgini is really fast

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im still about 2 seconds off jezza’s time of 1.26 in the ccgt which is my goal for today, i think my build and tune is capable of it. just not sure i am lol

the brabham can be built in alot of different ways. so far the v12 and racing slicks is best for me. its close to the blade in handling

I’m unlikely to get a better time on my tune. Good luck to the rest! I’m already thinking about the next challenge