Forza Rivals Challenges + Team Races - Forza Horizon 4/5/Motorsport

Sorry guys once again I am going to be doing a 15 hour shift today so I won’t be home until right before times up so I won’t be able to post any lap times today but I hope you guys do very well and Race fast
“Edit” i forgot its a 2 day race this time. So i will have some time to get some runs in after all. Good thinking @ChevyChase13

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I’m giving the result, because I will test other cars on this route.

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I leave Lotus time

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So after the times collected from the leaderboard (not shared on the forum) the classification of our challenge with Lotus Elise remains the same as in my photo. Thank you to everyone who took part in the challenge!

Of course, I’m talking about the photo from the earlier comment.

I did a massive 2 laps. Its was soooo exhausting. I could makeup 20 more excuses but im so extremly exhausted from the 2 laps

There will be no daily challenges for the rest of the week until after the holidays. We will resume on Dec 26th. Until then please go check out Jezza’s forum

Rival Challenge - FH5 edition

Hope everyone has a great holiday. See you on the 26th

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Well its technically not the 26th in california yet but close enough. Lets resume the daily challenges. So for todays challenge we will mix it up a bit with something different for our return, the race is as follows

Class - A 800

Car - Any Super Hot Hatch

Race Location - Volcan Sprint

Good luck everyone and i hope you had a great holiday.

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Long one :hot_face: I’m at
03:02:783 w/ the Golf '10

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I tried the ford focus rs , the older one and converted to awd and the Renault megane rs with ff and i think i was around 3:02.5 in the renault. i was curious to see which is better, ff or awd in these hatchbacks. so far i was 2 seconds faster in the ff

Correction :muscle:

I pushed the top speed down to 155👍

less top end and more acceleration… you really dont need top end for the volcan, smart move on the tune!

I figured u use the Megane R26…u already have some beast rival times w it!

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i only had time for 1 pass then had to eat dinner. @ 1:45am lol, didn’t get to earlier so better late than never. i will jump back on forza in about 10 mins to get some more runs in. might try the Hyundai or type r

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but the megane is really good with ff, havent tried it awd so it might be ok that way too. its really light and easy to drive with ff

Rally tires r good here can cut some slight corners…beat 3min!!


Ouch. 09 ford focus ff. Great grip in corners but is always loosing traction from small bumps and dips in the straights. Did a 3.09. Time to move on to something else.

I will try the rally tires. Probably would work nice with this next build. Hyundai veloster n

2.59.7 in the 2014 golf r. really good grip awd. and that was stock setting for the tune, haven’t touched it yet, i probably shouldn’t. might f it up and make it slower lol.

VW GOLF 2020