Forza Rewards Horizon DLC not updating?

Hey no I got the season pass which came with the rally expansion. I removed the car packs and downloaded them again and it worked.

Fingers crossed it works for you

Got home from work last night and tried your method: deleted my DLC and redownloaded it. Haven’t seen any changes to my rewards yet, but I will wait a couple days and see what happens.

No update to my score yet… however, I am noticing that I am not alone again with Forza Rewards not working. I have seen a couple other threads in various sections of the forums stating that Forza Rewards stopped working about 10 days ago (Roughly around the time I redownloaded my DLC).

As always, I will update with any new information or changes.

same thing with me 20 dollars from my account where taken but the expasion pack was not downloaded even when i tried to re download it.

Okay, so I am not too bothered about rewards, I mean, credits are pretty easy to come by, however, they are appreciated but I always read posts to see if I can help. Anyway, around Christmas when I received the Audi Quattro I noticed I was on 9,203 points. Since then, I have got to 3,000 points on Horizon 2 but my score is now 9,138! Something strange is afoot!

Same thing happened to me, before Xmas I had 2000 points in Horizon, and now I have 1900 points and 3/5 downloaded DLC!

I’m also having this issue as a Season Pass owner, but only having 3/5 on the purchased DLC list. Along with this, I purchased two packs separately: VIP and Pre-Order. So that would count to 3 of 5, there’s just that nagging thing. Given that if this was fixed, I’d be less than 10 points away from a new tier, I’d kinda like this updated! :stuck_out_tongue:

Along those lines, I think that FM5 is updating correctly on Rewards, as on reload my score has been going up by a few points at a time, but I’m not so sure about the 360 games.

I had 2000 points for over a year, now I have 1800 points with 1/5 DLC. I have both the Rally Expansion and the Car Pass, no VIP. Brilliant.

same here I had 2000 now only have 1850 and only 2/5 DLC tried down loading them all again waiting to see if this helps a real pain I like looking at fully completed screen :slight_smile:

Mine has gone from 5/5 to 3/5. I would guess waiting till end of month seems to be the usual cure like what happened before Christmas.

Interestingly i noticed that in XBL it shows me as not owning rally or VIP membership, yet download history shows it and allows me to re download. Have the DLC been reissued and now the original purchases dont count?

Put me down as a “me too.” Had full rewards points for Horizon, now they are missing in the paid dlc category. This on the heels of losing everything in Forza 5. And now they’re already promoting Forza 6?? Come on, Turn 10–fix the products you already have released.

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My Horizon score was 2000 and it’s now reading 1950 with DLC showing at 4/5…

Yep I had full points for Horizon and 5 out of 5 download DLC. Now it is only showing 1 out of five. I purchased every car pack and the rally expansion.

i used to have 2000/2000 score and all of the sudden in december it knocked me down to 1850/2000 because of the dlc purchase glitch. i have been unable to fix it and get any resolution. hope it gets fixed soon because it is annoying. the same thing happened to me with forza 4 but there was enough dlc to purchase there to get me back to 5/5 dlc.

Well I had only the season pass and it said 5/5 but about a month ago it changed to 1/5

has anyone else gone onto XBL Marketplace and looked to see if it shows the Rally Expansion and VIP pack as unpurchased even though they own it? This must have something to do with it…

Buying a token pack counted as DLC for you?

Depending on how much money I have attached to my Microsoft account I might try purchasing another one just to test this out.

I mentioned this in the original post. This is the only DLC that the Microsoft store says I have not purchased. But even then, that only puts me at 4/5 and no idea what the 5th DLC would be. "/

Seems this issue isn’t exclusive to Horizon. I had 3/5 DLC in Horizon 2, then it suddenly went back to 1/5. Now it’s gone back to 5/5. Gotten into Horizon late and never got the DLC. Never got any tokens either, so will forever be stuck at 1450. :confused:

Bought 5 + 1 token pack more than 12 hours ago and used them on a McLaren F1 and the rewards have not updated yet. I’ll give this more time and see how it goes.

Edit. Now I have 2000/2000!