Forza Patch When?

The list of issues grows and grows on the FH5 Known Issues page and YET… We have NO UPDATES or information about when another patch or update MIGHT be coming etc.

I LOVE FH5 but I’m so frustrated at the broken accolades. Just fix those ASAP so then I can have something to do in the game and work towards. Otherwise I don’t have much reason to play right now and that sucks because I want to keep playing.


Also fix the AI difficulty, I am a hardcore racing game fan and have beat every Forza but the AI in the championship weekly races and Trial are so unreasonable its not even fun and its almost unwinabile without luck or smashing cars etc.

So Forza Please Please Please:

  1. Whens the next patch/update coming? Its been weeks now.
  2. PLEASE fix Accolades so we have stuff to work towards.
  3. Please fix the AI so we can actually earn weekly rewards.

Thank you in advance.

Your’s Truely,

-Hardcore Forza Fan!


The most annoying part is that we as fans and players do not get any information on what to expect at all. It has been 2 weeks since the last patch without any communication after that, which is a very bad thing especially just after launch of such a big title.

Just after launch, I think it is important to keep players informed and make it seem that you care as a company, other than to leave people without a clue.

The only thing being updated daily is the long list of bugs.

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And they are closing tickets after them being open for a week with a note that issue is worked on and its resolution will be communicated in the future. Makes me feel very supported

yea I refresh the FH5 Known Issues page a few times a day and it seems to just get longer and longer with no updates on when some kind of patch is coming. That makes me even more worried.

I work in IT and deal with system issues all the time for my company and when we have issues after a system update we are constantly updating customers letting them know what we are working on and give them a time frame of when the issues will be fixed. 14 days of silence and an ever growing list of bugs makes me hella sad.

Please give us some time frame Forza!

waiting for patch too for tss handbrake not working on xbox but works fine on pc. Only difference is im using thrustmaster hub to connect to xbox and usb to connect to pc.

Was this issue of the TSS Handbrake and the ThrustMaster SIM Hub not working on XBOX patched/resolved? I have the TX wheel, TH8A shifter, TLCM Pedals, etc. and would like to add the TSS+ handbrake but don’t see the point if I am not going to be able to use it with Forza Horizon 5.
I love the Forza Horizon franchise and play them more than anything else. You have done an amazing job at building a game that is playable long term.

I look forward to your response.

Look for our next regularly scheduled batch of fixes to be included in our monthly content update prior to the start of Series 7 on April 28th.

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