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I’m assuming there are people on the forums that use Reddit and don’t know about the /r/forza sub or more importantly /r/RDUX which is our racing club.

We have 2 series starting in October. We race WTCC on Sunday nights Eastern US timezone and B Class with some restrictions on Thursday nights same timezone.

We run 2-3 series (sunday, thursday , possibly tuesday) ever month so 4-5 races per series. We so a lot of real world racing series, some PI specific series and we also make up our own series from scratch.

We are serious about clean driving, but we don’t do penalties or have a race steward or any of that stuff. We keep track of our results and it is really fun to see all the data for a series, for a given month, for the year, etc.

We are a really close group but always welcoming to newcomers. We averaged between 10-12 racers almost every sunday and thursday for the past few months of Forza 5. We are looking to add some racers to try and get the numbers up for 24 player lobbies.

Forza is what binds us, but we also have a Madden 15 connected franchise, some guys plays Destiny, FPS are always fun and almost all of us have the popular ones.

Will you join us?

To check out our FM5 race data, click here

To view our upcoming series details, click here

Hey, I would like to join. I read the bio on Racing Club Manager and it looks like it could be a lot of fun. My gamertag is Pruett434, and I have subscribed to your subreddit as well (different username). Do I need to ask to join on racing club manager as well?

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Cool, we’ve got 2 new recruits so far. Any more?

Remember, you don’t need to be the fastest to race with us, we race hard but we’re all in it to have fun and progress as drivers.

Sign me up if you are talking about racing late at night. The weather is still nice out where I live and I dont play games until it is dark out side. On Sunday I could get on around 8pm central. During the week I’ll get getting on about 11 pm each night and race for 1-3 hours. I’ve been racing forza since FM2 and im 28 years old. Clean racing is important to me but what is most important is using the head set.

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Defiantly interested. Maybe the Sunday racing but a definite for B class Thursdays.

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Just subscribed to the sub and applied online. Thanks for posting this, regular multiplayer drives me insane.

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Stupid question here but I’m pretty new. What kind of assists do you allow (if any). I’m still using some, but looking to slowing turning them off. This group sounds really cool and fun!

We don’t necessarily care if you use assists as long as you are a clean racer. If you start beating people who don’t use any, then it’ll be time to turn them off. I’ll add you on xbox and send an invite tonight if you’re on.

Sounds good man! I appreciate it! Its my wife and I’s anniversary so not sure I’ll be on tonight, but I sure am going to try… man I’m a bad person lol

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I have processed everyone’s request from this thread so far. Check your e-mail if you applied via Racing Club Manager. I’m excited to race with you guys tonight and hopefully we can keep it civil and get some people coming back to join us for the October series races.

The r/forza sub reddit is awesome. Glad you shouted that out. I will check out the r/rdux tonight and see what you guys are all about!

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we migrated from r/rdt3 pretty recently so if you are digging through our history you would find more on that sub. just need to turn off subreddit styles because we have a huge RDUX link covering the page.