Forza net issues


I cannot reach my data from horizon 5 in forzanet. I login with my microsoft account that I use on my series xbox profile but I can’t even see my achievements.
I have a hunch that it only sees my xbox one profile because my name is different that I see currently on my console. Is there a way to fix this issue or am I just dumb and can’t see something.

Try logging out of youre MS account, clearing the cache in your brower and then relogging in again and see if that helps

I tried a different browser still nothing. Is there any limitation of the site on mobile browser? I only tried it on my phone since I don’t have a working pc atm

No it should work , it works on my phone and thats antiquated

Not really sure what you mean by this ? Yeah, this site is attached to your MS account

How does the new console’s profile work? I reinstalled the xbox app and logged in but I can’t see anything from my series S stuff and I’m pretty sure that’s why I can’t see my photos in the forza net.

I was dumb [mod edit- WSD - Profanity is against the ToS]

The reason I thought I had 2 different profiles is that I literally have 2 different profiles. I used a wrong ms account when I sat up my series s lmao.
I logged in with the other acc and I see everything now.