Forza Needs Multi Car Photo Update Please

As I was taking photos of the cars I have I couldn’t help but wonder why there has never been a multi car option where you can take more than one of your car’s and then do photos, sort of like a collectors/collection shot of them. Take for instance in Horizon 2 I have all the old skool fords, it would be nice to take one photo of them all together or having all the Mustangs then and now in the one shot. Is this at all possible and if so is it something to come as a future update?

As a self confessed addict to Forzatography, I love your idea. Don’t think it’s possible at present, unless you can be creative on a photo site like Flickr?
Next best thing is to take photos of all cars individually and post on your own thread(media section on this site) to show of your work.
Hope to see something from you soon.


Thank you Sergi01978 I hope to get some simple classic paint work up soon

All due respect Snowowl, but OP was asking a question and not just wish listing.
Your welcome IAG Bubbles 6.

It is a suggestion for the game. Wish List material.

Ah well, I’m just glad that I might of helped answer her question, because it would of been lost forever on the wishlist that you suggested.

I agree that it isn’t possible. I also agree with Sergi that it’s an excellent idea.

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Sorry about the late response I’ve been busy with work and so on.
Thank you all for your views, it’s nice to have different opinions.
With it not been possible on Horizon 2 maybe something for Forza Motorsport 6 who knows.