Forza n00b

Hi all.

Been browsing the forums for a while and just registered recently. This is my first post… So be easy on me(haha)

I’ve been a GT boi my while life and needed a change so, got myself and xbox and some fm7.

So far I’m enjoying the game and only starting to get into tuning. (Slighlty different to GT so all new to me). I look forward to getting some good advice and throwing my 2c in where I can.

Seems like a decent thing y’all got going here.

Keep up the good work

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Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your visits here.

Greetings and salutations! Welcome aboard the fantastic world of FORZA. I really enjoy seeing self proclaimed GT converts on the forums. Kaz seemed to forget all the single player aspects that made GT a great game. Much to the betterment of FORZA. I don’t think you will regret it. My only regret was not jumping ship far sooner than I did. CHEERS!

For Dr James87: good luck finding fair and clean races online. Here there are no penalties for grievers and no skill-based rankings for the matchmaking.
Doesn’t matter if you’re first on the grid…at the first corner you will certainly get wrecked and will end up at the back of the pack.
And good luck with the drivatars in single player races. You do your best to race clean, but they follow their own line, not minding your presence on the track. Sometimes they even ram you off the track (with both limit aggression option on and off)

Campaign challenges with driving school, missions and circuit experience are there since release.

And the single player we all know is back this month. It’s called GT League Gran Turismo Sport | Patch 1.10 Holiday Update | PS4 - YouTube


From what I’ve seen from the career in GTS is that the AI is almost the same/as bad as in their previous games, they’re just moving chicanes.

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What does it mean “from what I’ve seen?” Do you own GTS and play it? I don’t have a single problem with the AI.


I don’t own it. So the AI is actually racing you in GTS? Do you know where I can find videos of gameplay with good AI? In every GTS career mode video I watched every ‘race’ is just a passing challenge like the trackday events in Forza Motorsport.

Nope, I just play. I’ve had very challenging races with the AI, especially those with pit stops.
You do know you can also set the difficulty of the AI, right?

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On what difficulty do you play GTS? And on what difficulty FM7?

Every clip (around 20 by now) I’ve seen from GTS is where you start at the back of the pack and the leader is already half a lap in front of you and it’s exactly like those trackday events in FM. Do you have actual wheel to wheel races over multiple laps with the same AI car in GTS? The only real racing I’ve seen is from online races.

Thats literally only just been added into GTS, so easy mistake for someone to overlook the most recent information. Regardless of that, it is not a patch on the single player that Gran Turismo is known for; and still leaves a lot out. It is a nice addition to the game nonetheless.

Welcome to the forums!
They’re not as welcoming as they used to be, but you can thank the developers for that!
Don’t forget to read the TOS and COC. They’ll be quoted at you at some point! lol
Have fun!

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Welcome. First post and a positive one… wow, that’s a first for me. Or at least a first one since the release of FM7. Great to see other people actually enjoy playing this game.

Are you asking me if I can easily overtake the AI in GTS? The further you go the harder it gets. It’s as simple as that. And in arcade mode and custom race mode you can set the difficulty.

(In FM7? I don’t know…pro maybe? It’s been a long time since I raced against those stupid drivatars on rails and ramming me)

Yes, we have races over multiple laps with the same AI. Also with the use of pit stops.

Plus with the addition of the single player GT League mode (from few days ago) there are 1) beginner 2) amateur 3) professional and 4) endurance leagues


At what point does the endurance races unlock? I’ve only watched my son play, at the beginner level he started at the back and had x amount of laps to get to the front. He did a couple in Pro, but had to earn enough credits to upgrade his car cause he could only come in 2nd in the allotted laps. After upgrading car, it was a blowout.

I just noticed the endurance section was locked. Seems like a fun game, played it a little. Controller isn’t as comfortable. Son commented he wished it had weather effects. From what I’ve seen, a given track is always raced at the same time of day.

Have you played earlier GT games and is the AI really different between GT5 and GTS?
I played (and still own) every GT game (except for GTSport of course) and after GT3 I got bored with the same AI and how the races were set up in career/events/leagues.
If the AI is the same as in all the other GT games then it’s absolutely not the racing game I’m looking for.
The AI/drivatar in FM isn’t perfect by a long shot but (or maybe because of it) I really enjoy racing them, which I can’t say about the AI in GT.

Of course I played all previous GT. It’s not the same.


Welcome Dr James87. Looking forward to coming across your tunes. I gather they’ll mostly be in the various GT divisions?

GT means Gran Turismo in this thread.