Forza Motorsport track list discussion

You know what REALLY annoys me with the track list, aside from the fact there aren’t enough of them?

The lack of track variants for the tracks that are actually there.

Road America. Two variants. The Kink and the East. Why no variant that had the small chicane just before the bend of the kink version. The track is practically all right there. All they had to do was add the small chicane version.

Gran Oak Raceway. National Circuit, Club Circuit, and National Circuit Reverse. Why couldn’t we have Club Circuit Reverse as well? The track is already there…

Hakone. Same again Grand Prix Circuit, Club Circuit, Club Circuit Reverse. Why no Grand Prix Circuit Reverse? Again, the track is already there to be used.

Maple Valley. Full Circuit, Club Circuit, Club Circuit Reverse. No Full Circuit reverse though of course.

Suzuka. Full Circuit and East Circuit. Why not Suzuka West as well?

It’s doubly frustrating though when it’s the fictional tracks so it’s obviously not a licensing issue. Just give us the ability to run ALL the fictional tracks and variants in reverse. It’s not ideal but at least we’d have a few more tracks.

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I don’t expect an entirely new track after the holiday break but I hope that the Update 4 in January at least (re)introduces some of these missing layouts.

With Yas Marina and Hockenheim added, it’s clear that devs pick environments that allow them to significantly boost the layout count in easy way**, so unlocking more layouts on existing tracks seem reasonable (especially reverse ones).

** which leads us to the question: which track will be added next (probably in February)? CotA, Daytona, Long Beach, Monza, Sebring, Sonoma - all these environments had three layouts in FM7 so I think it’ll be one of them… unless T10 intends to surprise us with something new to Forza this time :slight_smile:


Can’t say that if you haven’t tried to navigate the old forum.

from Europe. (Or anywhere other than the continental U.S.)

It’s been six years! Are they still using old XT computers? If this track won’t be done until spring (given they don’t delay it’s release). Just how long will it take them to get the next track ready? I doubt they have multiple teams working on different tracks.

This has nothing to do with “preparing” tracks for release. There is a schedule to follow (we’ve all seen this). The tracks they plan on releasing are all laid out, month by month. There will be other tracks in the months prior to Nord. What they are is anyone’s guess, as they don’t like to lay it out for the consumers.

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Only real schedule we’ve seen is for the ring. And if there wasn’t more work to do on the track would you think they would have released the premium track with the premium game release?

No, we’re being played just like we’re being played with the whole game. And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there weren’t problems with the release of the ring and it gets delayed. Or that’s the real reason behind the delay until the spring release date.

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Games as a service…You want continued engagement with the target audience? Drag out tracks and cars (FOMO) for the “life of the game”. They were never going to release everything, all at once. FH5 and the concept of FOMO for the cars proved that to MS. Now they are cranking up the level of “as a service” with this title.

I was surprised how lifeless the tracks are. I use a motion g-seat and transducers and I’m not feeling anything as far as the track surfaces, I do feel the g-forces in this sim but that’s about it. In other sims (and on the roads in FH5) my seat and transducers are alive but sadly they are not in Forza Motorsports which is a bummer because I really liked the feel of the cars I drove. (I say ‘liked’ because I got a refund)

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Honestly I wouldn’t mind FOMO if done right since everyone would benefit from more active playerbase. Lately I don’t play FM much but I wanted to try the Huayra R and unfortunately it’s locked behind the series of AI races, which I won’t be able to complete because of how boring and BAD it is. I know you can make AI drive for you but it was too exhausting going through that for the achievements, not trying to repeat it for 1 car. Single player in FM feels like a chore.

FH4 did it before that.


You forgot to add time-gated as well.


Any guesses of what the new track will be? (Or a guess they will skip this month?)

My guess is Daytona, for the upcoming 24h of Daytona (Jan 27-28).

No Guess, but want Fujimi Kaido so hard, or the famous road on Hakone to be unlocked


I thought they said nurburgring would be in January

Nope, it’s for Spring this year.

1 point to me (:



Another speedway and boring, flat road course.

Why not add proper tracks with some elevation change that are actually exciting? Yas or Yaz Marina, however it’s spelled is boring as all hell and was a waste of effort to include in the game and force on player who want to work their way through the career. Indy is marginally better. Miami is bad. Do we really need another one of these?

I share a mutual distaste for pancake tracks, but the timing on this one makes sense for the upcoming IMSA Rolex at the end of this month. I’ll be attending that as well, so I do appreciate having another game to grind the course out on.

What I don’t like is how the timing is almost too perfect. Was this another artificially held back track that just got dripfed? Because that’s a load of horse ****.


Frankly, with all we’ve learned about this game over the last few months, assume everything they said is not true and this stuff is coming in on a timed schedule to benefit Game Pass. Especially the whole “the tracks were causing porpoising” bit. I don’t believe that at all.