Forza Motorsport Track / Environment Wish Lists

I would like to see Fujimi Kaido and Amalfi Coast return.
But speaking out of personal experience with both the Motorsport and Horizon franchises, Motorsports “fantasy” tracks, mixed with the more simulated physics felt so much better. If Turn 10 were to release a “fantasy track” dlc rather than a car pack with the Motorsport Reboot. I would put money into that. Maybe they could use ( as a reference for somemore fantasy tracks, to add on top of Fujimi and Amalfi.

I only ask this because these are some of the past experiences I’ve missed with friends and family. These tracks were our go to on weekends, being on different coast irl, we couldn’t just go out and drive. So FM3/4 was our way to relax and stay connected. 5/6/7 didn’t have that feeling. And the horizon franchise was to arcade based to retain those experiences.

Hopefully Johniwanna or someone else from Turn 10 reads this forum. But all the same. Thank you for memories


Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit

  • Fuji Speedway
  • Motegi
  • Sugo Circuit
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Point to point races

I am not going to suggest too many here, going to go with a Top 10 here (in no particular order) that I would love to see:

Twin Ring Motegi
Sunset Peninsula

Went with a bit of variety here, most of them would provide a great challenge to many drivers such as Macau, a highly intense and technical circuit with no room for error. Classic fantasy tracks such as Sunset and Sedona, for their variety in layouts and able to provide great battles. European classics such as Imola and Zolder that contains a lot of history in both GT racing and Touring cars. Speaking of, a track such as Donington being a momentum based circuit, famous for Touring Cars and one of Ayrton Senna’s best first laps in his career. Interlagos for a great proving ground to ultimately test a car in terms of agility and grunt on the straights. Algarve I’ve always had a soft spot for, quite underrated in comparison to other tracks but really challenging with multiple elevation changes. Lastly, and certainly not least, Japanese tracks like Fuji and the return of Twin Ring Motegi would be fantastic, with there being a much bigger interest in that scene recently with the new Hakone track (which I’m very eager to see).

Tracks are always a vital foundation to any racing game, so looking forward to see what T10 has in store for us when it comes to the new Forza Motorsport.

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Fujimi kaido


All tracks in previous Forza releases
Ozarks International Raceway
Eagles Canyon Raceway
All the street circuits from Indycar and Trans Am series.
Donnington Park
Pikes Peak
User Generated track feature
A lot of now closed and defunct circuits such as Texas World Speedway
Button willow
Isle of Mann
Phillips Island
New Jersey Motorsports Park
Pittsburgh International Race Complex
In general more tracks, if not give us the ability to make them

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More localized tracks as dlc packs would be awesome, a track I find many people travel cross country for is GRATTEN RACEWAY In Michigan.

I really hope the new Forza Motorsport has the 2023 road america track since it is currently getting repaved, this will help improve lap times and practice for when I go in real life

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