Forza Motorsport Track / Environment Wish Lists

Zandvoort, Zolder, Assen.

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Interlagos Circuit São Paulo Brazil

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I wish :

Sportsland SUGO JAPAN
Tsukuba JAPAN
Fuji Speedway JAPAN
Suzuka JAPAN


The tracks on the F1 Calendar would be cool.

The tracks that have yet to make a Forza appearance:

Bahrain International Circut
Jeddah Corniche Circuit
Albert Park Circuit
Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
Miami International Autodrome
Circuit de Monaco
Baku City Circuit
Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve
Red Bull Ring
Circuit Paul Ricard
Circuit Zandvoort
Marina Bay Street Circuit
Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez
Autódromo José Carlos Pace
Las Vegas Street Circuit (can be a post-lauch track)


All IMSA tracks! That means Mid-Ohio. Also, don’t waste my time with made up tracks.

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Also, don’t waste my time with made up tracks

You know that any console racing game has made up tracks, right?
You cant have all real tracks possible so they need do something like that

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It’s WeatherTech Laguna Seca, not Mazda Laguna Seca anymore. Also, it’s Michelin Road Atlanta, not just Road Atlanta anymore.


Oulton Park is a must have British racing circuit (from Project CARS).

The studio should also look into providing a piece of US road driving experience such as “The Tail of the Dragon”, an 11 mile stretch of roadway called U.S. Route 129 in Blount County, Tennessee. You know , a kind of American Nurburgring - this will be fantastic!

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I just want more fantasy tracks. We got maple valley, ok.
But I just recently watched a video on how awesome Forza 4 was. The tracks in spain and italy? Gimme those with dem juicy new graphics.

But more than anything else do I want Fujimi Kaido. Or just a new downhill/hillclimb/drifting track set in japan.

Let me experience those Initial D feelings please.

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Fujimi Kaido … and tsukuba but definitely Kaido. Been waiting since, well FM4. Maybe a new mountain pass all together. A large portion of the community wants this back. Do it.


Hi Turn 10 Studio IV got a couple request for tracks a couple that IV got names on but the one i don’t have names for i would like y’all to add rally tracks across the world would be cool and old school tracks that started on dirt like Nascar like the Florida beach location please here are the actual track names i hope y’all add one or two are new but rest are return i would appreciate it Ninjablue25 biggest Forza/car fan.

Circuit De Monaco
Autodromo de modena
Camino viejo de Montserrat
Fajimi Kaido
Rally de positano
Lberian International circuit
Infineon Raceway
Ladera test track
Tor Testowy Benchmark
Sedona Raceway Park
Tsukuba circuit
Sidewinder proving grounds
Sunset peninsula Raceway
Twin ring motegi


I have three of my Japanese dream tracks:

Ebisu Circuit
Twin Rings Motegi
Tsukuba Circuit


I’d like to see every location from Forza Motorsport 7 return as a minimum. Then, to lean into what seems to be a Motorsport focus, I’d like to see these circuits:

Paul Ricard
Oulton Park
Sydney Motorsport Park

Along with some new fictional ones. As for returning fictional circuits:
Ladera complex (including Iberian, Camino etc)
Fujimi Kaido

I know realistically we’re probably gonna see most of FM7 circuits, minus Top Gear and the addition of course of Hakone and Kyalami. Plus maybe 2 or 3 others. But hey that’s why we wish right?


The more the merrier, but if Rally di Positano returns hopefully they either vastly improve it or limit it to the bicycle races it was clearly designed for.

Many tracks that I’d like to see have been mentioned by others here. Something I’d be interested in seeing is more point to point circuits à la goodwood, fujimi kaido, pikes peak, etc…

I doubt this but can Turn10 have the tracks at launch for a complete season of IMSA championship race. New season 2022 tracks would be nice. FM has most of the popular tracks.

Requesting: Mid-Ohio, Mosport Park, Portland International, Brainerd International, Pocono Raceway, and more street circuits.


I actually love Rally di Positano, specifically the version found in Motorsport 3, though I do agree that it isn’t really great for standard races. It’d be awesome if they could bring back the duels, but improve them as well since doing the same route three times in rapid succession got tiring.

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most defiynitly need fictional tracks cali nyc hawaii as much as the developers can give us

Tracks I’d like to see:


•Twin Ring Motegi


•Phillip Island



United Kingdom

•Goodwood Circuit


•Monaco Grand Prix

  • Autopolis
  • Twin Ring Motegi
  • Tsukuba Circuit
  • EuroSpeedway Lausitz
  • Racepark Meppen
  • Atlanta Motor Speedway
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway (2 Ovals + 2 Different Road Courses)
  • World Wide Technology Raceway aka Gateway Raceway
  • Sedona Raceway Park
  • Sunset Peninsula / Nissan Speedway
  • Test Track Infield / Sidewinder Proving Grounds
  • Ladera Test Track (but with remade layouds)
  • New York
  • Monaco-like street circuit (with various layouts)
  • Tokyo (but with new layoud)
  • A Circuit with various layouts around a oval based on Trenton Speedway
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